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Nutrition concepts are not as complicated as people think! Often, families lack proper information about the basic rules to a healthy lifestyle. Fizzy’s goal is to provide an informative overview of food and nutrition topics with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Most researchers agree that a diet rich in fruits and veggies are the key to healthy nutrition, avoidance of obesity, and disease prevention.

The Lunch Lab will provide practical and positive examples of healthy eating and regular exercise within the framework of an entertaining format. Our advisory board, which includes a specialist in diabetes and metabolic diseases, a university educator in the field of health education, and a team of seasoned food writers, will assure that the information provided meets scientific and educational goals. 

Create your own virtual kitchen.

Listen to some tunes about healthy eating and exercise.

View and download healthy recipes.


  • And the Crowd Goes Nuts | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The kids are playing a baseball game but they need energy! Students learn that nuts are full of protein, good fats and give you enough energy to play a whole baseball game.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Corporal Cup's Food Camp | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students use math to complete Corporal Cup's challenges that involve sorting, counting and measuring. Unlock her top secret recipes by counting types of fruits, completing fruit equations and measuring food slices.

    Grades: 1-2
  • Don't Forget the Nuts | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The food group sings about why nuts are important to eat. Students learn the benefits of eating nuts: protein and good fats give lots of energy for the rest of the day.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Food Rainbow | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The vegetables sing a song about foods being different colors. Students learn about the nutritional benefits of eating an assortment of colorful food.

    Grades: 1-4
  • It's Halloween Night | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The vegetables sing a song about how to have a healthy Halloween night! With tips like brushing your teeth often and eating one piece of candy a day, kids will learn how to enjoy Halloween without a big stomach ache.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Mixed Nuts | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    At Lunch Lab Live, Fizzy introduces the nuts! Almond, pistachio, and hazelnut talk about why nuts are a healthy food choice. Students learn why all nuts are important to incorporate in their diets and that each specific nut has a different, beneficial effect on the human body.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Paint by Blunders | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The kids paint a rainbow salad until Uncle Freddy interrupts! Fizzy and the kids teach Uncle Freddy that vibrant colored foods are much more healthy than those that are bland and plain, such as fast food. Teach kids the importance of eating colored, natural foods to obtain their minerals and vitamins.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Pyramid and Plate | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    Fizzy interviews Food Pyramid, who tells him that he's retiring! But wait, there's a new food helper in town-- Food Plate! Students learn about the idea of the Food Plate which divides the average meal into fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein. The other helpful tip is that students should only eat what's on the plate.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Seafood Shanty Sing-a-long | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    The vegetables sing a song about the different types of seafood. Students should learn that seafood comes in a variety of forms and can be a great source of protein.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Supermarket Mania | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    Help Fizzy find healthy ingredients at the grocery store to use in his cooking. Pull tickets to move around tiles in the grocery store and play games and trivia related to food nutrition at each stop.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Freestyle Fizz | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students help Fizzy train for the Extreme Roller Circuit. Learn which foods help him maintain a healthy diet and use the arrow keys to navigate to these items while avoiding the greasy fatty foods and obstacles along the way.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Hectic Harvest | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students help Fizzy run his farm by planting, watering, and harvesting his crops. Students earn money according to the number of plants they successfully harvest. Money can be spent at the upgrade store to help make the harvesting process more efficient.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Freddy's Carnival Countoff | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students practice estimation and counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's. Students have the options to compete against up to four other players, select up to 10 rounds per game and choose the level of difficulty of each game. The game also includes the "Teacher Mode" options for teachers to review questions.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Hard Boiled | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students play a food-themed game show hosted by Fizzy. Answer questions about food groups and nutrition by hitting buttons that match the corresponding correct answer. Available for one or two players.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Escape from Greasy World | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students must complete math games to save the gang held captive at Greasy World! First, play puzzles to fix Robo-Fizz and to get to Greasy World. Next, navigate around Greasy World by playing carnival games involving counting, sorting, shapes and measuring.

    Grades: K-2
  • Sully's Delivery Day | Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    In this "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" interactive, students navigate Sully's cab around the digestive system in order to deliver important energy packages to parts of the body. Use the arrow keys to drive the cab around. Pick up the energy package and maneuver through the maze by pressing buttons to open gates. Deliver the package to the appropriate body part indicated on the map.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Calories

    These "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" videos provide practical and positive examples of healthy eating with an emphasis on calories. Students learn about how calories are used in digestion to turn into energy, but consuming too many calories means this energy is stored as fat. Learn also about the importance of portion control and making low-calorie food choices.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Food Choices

    The "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" videos promote the importance of understanding nutritional information and eating a well-balanced diet, focusing on food choices. Students learn about different types of foods from around the world, how to read the facts of a nutrition label and how to navigate to the healthiest items in the grocery store.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Sodium

    These "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" videos provide an informative overview of the role of sodium in proper nutrition. Students learn how the body only needs a small amount of sodium daily, and too much sodium can cause dehydration, drowsiness and even headaches. Learn how foods with lots of salt and preservatives are also high in sodium.

    Grades: 1-4
  • Home Gardening

    These "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" videos promote the benefits of growing fresh fruits and vegetables in homegrown gardens. Students learn how soil, water and sunlight are the key ingredients to a basic garden. The Lunch Lab gang demonstrates how tasty growing fresh foods can be.

    Grades: 1-4