Khan Academy Mathematics Showcase

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Like the exemplary videos below, the Khan Academy lessons connect to Common Core standards and are designed to provide students with clear understandings of mathematical operations and principles for problem solving.

Bring clarity to the classroom with these video resources that run between 2 -15 minutes each. Search PBS LearningMedia for “Khan Academy” to find more resources and filter your view by grade level or specific subject to find precisely what you need.

  • Introduction To Perimeter

    Explore the perimeters of polygons using addition and basic multiplication in under 4 minutes with this introductory video.

    Grades: 3
  • Introduction To Equivalent Fractions

    Video introduction to equivalent fractions using pizza pies as visual representations.

    Grades: 4
  • How Many T-Shirts Can I Make?

    Explore the process of dividing fractions with this classic word problem and Khan Academy's colorful digital blackboard.

    Grades: 5
  • Simple Equations Of The Form Ax = B

    Introduction to basic algebraic equations of the form Ax=B
    Grades: 6
  • More Complicated Order Of Operations Example

    Now that Khan Academy has tackled the basics of order of operations, this video introduces an example of more complicated order of operations.

    Grades: 7
  • Solving The Troll Riddle Visually

    By solving the system of equations visually, now we can save the prince/princess.

    Grades: 8
  • Slope And Y-Intercept Intuition

    Using the "Graph of a line" module to understand how a line's graph changes when its slope or y-intercept is changed.
    Grades: 8-9
  • Bernoulli distribution mean and variance formulas

    Review Bernoulli Distribution Mean and Variance Formulas with this video.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Mean and variance of Bernoulli distribution example

    Discrete probability distribution in this clever and clear problem-solving demo using the Bernoulli Distribution.

    Grades: 9-12