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Move It! is a production of WSKG Public Media.  

© 2014 WSKG Telecommunications Council.  All Rights Reserved. 

Move It! is part of the Working on Wellness initiative funded by The Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Production Credits


Project Management 

Nancy Coddington, Manager, Working on Wellness Project

Jackie Stapleton, Director of Youth Focused Content, Services & Programming

Erik Jensen, Director of Community Engagement 


Resource Production Team

Brian Frey, Director of TV Operations & Broadcasting

Jennifer Matoney, Producer/Director

Andrew Pioch, Director/Associate Producer 

Christine Lantz, Broadcast Operations Assistant 

Jessica Payette, TV Promotions

Tina Reinhard, Content and Production Coordinator

Stacey Mosteller, TV Program and Traffic Manager

Chris Wurth, Traffic Operations Assistant  

Jenny James, Broadcast Operations Technician  

Irina Shutovsky, Intern 

Sydney Kaufman, Intern

Zach Mulligan, Intern

Kristen Leffler, Intern 


Content Development

Jennifer Matoney, Producer/Director

Nancy Coddington, Working on Wellness Project Manager


Web Production, Design and Development

Nancy Coddington, Project Manager

Dave Fulton, Director of Information Technology 

Teresa Peltier, Manager of Digital Strategy & Content Development 

Anne Murray, Web Content Specialist

Barb Synder, IT Technology Manager  

Sally Simon, Graphics  

Angelique Kane-Ortiz -Intern

Joshua B.Ludzki, Marketing & Promotions Manager


Resource Credits

The Broome County Health Department

Lourdes Hospital

United Health Services

Broome-Tioga BOCES

Steve Busch, Chenango Forks Central School District 

Kelly Hillis, Chenango Forks Central School District 

Dr. Zia Shah, Lourdes Hospital Sleep Lab  

Kelsey Newman Positive Force Fitness 

Lime Hollow Nature Center 

Scales Family 

Move It! Cast 

Cynthia Cave-Gaetani, Registered Dietitian Lourdes Hospital 

Pat Mizerak, Registered Dietician UHS

Molly Morgan, Registered Dietician Creative Nutrition Solutions

Binghamton Senators Hockey Team 

Don Glauber, Binghamton University 

Binghamton Yoga 

WSKG Public Media 

Move It! is an original, award winning children's program and is part of WSKG Public Media’s Working on Wellness initiative. This health and wellness series focuses on keeping families active, nutritional education and self-awareness. 

The series is broken into three components:

• Move It! focuses on physical activity, label reading, Geocaching, sugary drinks and bullying.

• Fuel It! emphasizes the importance of nutrition and demonstrates children creating their own after school fuel recipes.

• Cool It! teaches children self-awareness and confidence through yoga and goal setting.

This collection includes over 30 videos and resources that range in length from two to ten minutes and cover a wide variety of New York State Health and Physical Education standards including personal health and skills for healthy living.

To learn more about Working on Wellness click here.


Treasure Hunting


Treasure Hunting

In this video, children find adventure in the great outdoors! While visiting Lime Hollow, the group goes letterboxing and geocaching to find treasure boxes that they stamp and sign to let the next people know they were there!

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 209
  • Favorites: 9
Do The Mohawk Walk


Do The Mohawk Walk

In this video, children learn about teamwork and trust as they work together to complete challenges that are both mentally and physically tough.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 126
  • Favorites: 6
Label Reading Part 1


Label Reading Part 1

Discover how to correctly read a nutrition label including the most important things to look for in your food.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 402
  • Favorites: 42
Label Reading Part 2


Label Reading Part 2

In this video, Move It! cast members learn the importance of reading nutrition labels and what parts are most significant. The pair focuses on serving size, calories and figuring out how many calories a person should eat in one day.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 231
  • Favorites: 30
Portion Distortion


Portion Distortion

Learn how “portion distortion” has skewed our idea of serving sizes over time and why we are often eating well over the recommended serving size.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 301
  • Favorites: 23
Sugary Drink Smarts


Sugary Drink Smarts

Binghamton Senator Hockey players, Tim and Derek play a sugary drink competition. The pair guesses how much added sugar is in a variety of different beverages leading to a discussion with Molly Morgan on how often these beverages should be consumed.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 294
  • Favorites: 26
Fast Food Fools


Fast Food Fools

Registered dietician Molly Morgan works together with Move It! cast members giving a brief overview of how to make healthier choices while dining out at fast food restaurants.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 182
  • Favorites: 16
Stand Up to Bullying


Stand Up to Bullying

This video depicts a mock bullying scene with children playing a game and excluding one child. The host identifies bullying and possible ways to resolve the issue. The scene is then replayed with a different outcome with all three children playing.

  • Grades: 2-6
  • Views: 420
  • Favorites: 34