Ohio Collection of Digital Resources

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A rich-media collection of educational videos from the Ohio Public Television Stations that explores Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Technology, Math, and Careers.

  • Shuttle Tile

    This demonstration traces the transfer of thermal energy by conduction with the use of a space shuttle tile.
    Grades: 5
  • Sound and Vibration

    This two-part demonstration uses an aluminum rod and a mixture of cornstarch and water—oobleck—to show that sound is produced by the vibration of matter.
    Grades: 8
  • Ice Bomb

    This demonstration shows the effects of temperature on air and water inside a container. As the water inside a 1/8-inch cast iron container freezes, it expands causing the container to break.
    Grades: 7
  • Barfing Pumpkin

    This demonstration shows chemical change with hydrogen peroxide decomposing into water and oxygen.
    Grades: 4
  • Banana Hammer

    To show simple physical change, a banana is frozen in liquid nitrogen and used to hammer a nail into a piece of wood.
    Grades: 4
  • Glowing Spinach

    In this demonstration, stored energy in plants is made visible by shining a black light on the chlorophyll that has been extracted from chopped spinach.
    Grades: 6
  • Swamps and Such | Introduction

    Watch this video and learn to define wetlands, describe their different varieties and explain why we should care about them.

    Grades: 7-10
  • Amazing Chase

    This video from WOUB Athens, presented as a parody of a popular TV network reality show, will help high school students review and prepare for the Ohio Graduation Test in Mathematics.
    Grades: 10-12
  • Brachistochrone Curve

    This demonstration provides an answer to the question, “What is the path producing the shortest possible time for an object to descend from a given point to another point, under constant gravity with no friction?”
    Grades: 8
  • Nature's Supermarket

    This video shows a sample of the large varieties of plants, animals, birds and fish that abound in wetlands and looks at the processes that sustain them.
    Grades: 7-10
  • Breathing Blue

    In this demonstration of chemical change, the presenter blows breath into a methylene blue solution releasing carbon dioxide which acidifies the water and changes it from a bright blue color to green.
    Grades: 6
  • Nature's Kidneys

    This video shows how wetlands cleanse the ecosystem in ways similar to how kidneys cleanse the human body.
    Grades: 7-10