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        Process of Innovation Lesson Plan

        Students will compare and contrast the processes of innovation favored by different types of innovators to demonstrate that innovation need not follow a single method.

        Lesson Summary

        Innovation 101

        Process of Innovation is one of the five lessons from The Henry Ford’s curricula, Innovation 101 which is a unique and dynamic digital educational module that uses oral history interviews of some of America's iconic innovators (past and present) from The Henry Ford's OnInnovation website for active teaching and learning. It is designed to be an introductory module that can be used by schoolteachers, youth service providers, instructors in colleges and universities as well as trainers in a corporate setting. The content actively engages participants in critical 21st-century skills development such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity fueling self-directed learning and digital literacy. Supporting work sheets, glossaries of terms, inspiring quotes and project ideas offer an unduplicated learning opportunity for the teacher and the participant.

        To use Lesson 1 (What is Innovation?), Lesson 2 (Traits of an Innovator), Lesson 4 (Keys to Innovation), and Lesson 5 (Intellectual Property Rights and More) of Innovation 101 check the OnInnovation website. Contact: Paula Gangopadhyay, Chief Learning Officer, The Henry Ford, at for further information.

        Time Allotment

        Approximately 45 minutes


        Step A: Ovearching Question of the Day (2 minutes)

        • Is there a process of innovation?

        Step B: Inquiry (10 minutes)

        • Find out the difference between invention, innovation and discovery. Watch these videos to learn how these innovators talk and define some of these terms:

        William McDonough






        Steve Wozniak

        Toshiko Mori





         Step C: Analysis (10 minutes)

        Step D: Explore More Individual Activity (15 minutes)

        • Compare and contrast Steve Wozniak and Don Chadwick, two current-day innovators -- one who is a tinkerer and one who is very methodical and uses and step-by-step process. Find out about the different processes used by these innovators:

        Steve Wozniak





        Don Chadwick





        Step E: Reflection and Critical Thinking (8 minutes)



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