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Time Travel

Grades: 3-5
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In this Cyberchase video clip, Digit and Matt have misplaced their timer that they use to cook. They realize that they can use the ...

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Examine why using standard units to measure time between events is needed and apply a common unit of measurement.

Source: Cyberchase

Toper Taylor (Nelvana LTD.), Larry Jacobs, Patrick Loubert (Nelvana LTD.), Clive A. Smith (Nelvana LTD.), Anthony Chapman (Cyberchase Online), Michael Templeton (Math Content Director), Sandra Sheppard (Thirteen/WNET New York), Kristin Laskas Martin (Thirteen/WNET New York), Michael Hirsh (Nelvana LTD.), Jill Peters, Bob Morris, Kelly Stuart (Coordinating Producer), Macenje 'Che Che' Mazoka (Director of Outreach), George Arthur Bloom (Head Writer), Carey Bolster (Math Content Director), Carey Bolster (Math Content Producer), Robert Miller (Director of Print), A Thirteen/WNET New York/Nelvana International Limited Production, Suzanne Rose

Contributor: WNET contributor-grayscale