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Antarctic Food Web Game

Grades: 5-8
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This interactive game adapted from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences challenges players to build a food web, a complex model that shows how ...

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Accessibility: Textual, Visual

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©2008 WGBh Educational Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

NSTA National Science Education Standards
Benchmarks for Science Literacy


Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences


©2007 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. Concept adapted from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. Materials courtesy of British Antarctic Survey (Krill Image), Doug Allan/British Antarctic Survey (Icefish Image), Kristan Hutchison—Antarctic Sun Staff (Snow petral), NOAA (Blue whale), and Robert Pittman (Killer whales).

Project Credits

Contributor: WGBH Educational Foundation-grayscale

Funder: National Science Foundation-grayscale

Producer: WGBH Educational Foundation-grayscale