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Astronomical Images in Different Wavelengths

Grades: 6-12
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Telescopes are engineered to detect a specific range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. Images from a variety of these telescopes show different aspects of ...

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2MASS, Dr. Axel Mellinger (University of Potsdam), ATCA (S. White el al), AURA/NOAO/NSF, E. Polomski, U. of Florida/CTIO, HST/J. Morsek/K. Davidson, ISO, MDM Observatory, NASA/CXC/NSSDC, Duncan, A. R., Stewart R. T., Hayes R. F., and Jones, JPL - Caltech, K.L./SAO/Snowden, S.L. et al, Palomar Observatory, VLA/NRAO/AUI, W M Keck Observatory, WGBH Educational Foundation.

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