African American History: Activity Pack | History Detectives

Understanding the history of African Americans is crucial to understanding the history of America.

Public Speaking | Standard Deviants

If you're like most people, then speaking in public gives you the heebie-jeebies. Well, we're going to show you how to conquer that fear, organize your speech, and deliver it ...

A Bundle of Twigs Lesson Plan

In this lesson, to be used with the program The War of 1812 , students will learn about Shawnee Chief Tecumseh and the impact that he had on First Nations, ...

Fun In Fitness Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students follow along as their teacher walks them through a variety of exercises and stretches targeting the whole body. This can be done with or without music. ...
Kids in Motion

Italian + American Lesson Plan

Who are Italian Americans? What does this term evoke? In this quick, introductory activity, students consider their own and society’s preconceptions of Italian Americans, view a trailer for the documentary ...
Italian Americans

Animal Hearing: Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students explore how sound is created, the importance of hearing in certain environments and some environmental causes of hearing loss.

Evolution of the Presidency | Lesson Plan

Examine the powers of the Executive Branch in this lesson plan associated with Ken Burns' The Roosevelts . First, students read Article II of the Constitution and learn how past ...
Ken Burns

Fitness Dice : Lesson Plan

Read the die to find out what exercise to do and how many repetitions are needed, keep a running tally of rolls to see who gets the highest score. This ...
Kids in Motion

Survival Fitness Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students learn survival skills while getting in shape! Students follow along with their teacher as they act out the important survival skills they would need as if ...
Kids in Motion

Ebola Outbreak Lesson Plan

The Ebola outbreak in Western Africa has already claimed the lives of thousands since its initial victim died in December and health organizations around the world fear that the number ...

Strategy Mapping | Lesson Plan

In this lesson produced by NOVA Education, students build “strategy maps,” visual representations of the materials, resources, and people necessary to develop an innovative product and deliver it to end ...

Wolves of Yellowstone: Lesson Plan

This set of activities, inspired by the Wolves of Yellowstone | EARTH A New Wild video, introduces students to the ecological impact of wolf reintroduction and the controversy surrounding the ...
EARTH A New Wild

Red Files | Lesson Plan

Lesson plans, ideas and activities for Secret Victories of the KGB. Designed to inspire.

Consumption | Affluenza: Lesson Plans

Consumption. Students will learn about how the world's resources are distributed among the world's people. Teachers might want to do this activity before viewing the video.

Dissent Lesson Plan

In this lesson, to be used with the program The War of 1812 , students will define the term "dissent" and explore specific reasons why parties disagreed with the decision ...

Heidi’s Dilemma Lesson Plan

Use this powerful PBS NewsHour Extra lesson plan to help students authentically understand the ethical challenges faced by non-Jewish citizens of Europe during the period of the Holocaust who were ...

Waddle Lesson Plan

This lesson connects literacy, creativity and movement! Students act out different animals in the book “Waddle” as the teacher reads aloud. Students listen carefully for the animal name and the ...
Kids in Motion

Vacation Fitness Lesson Plan

This lesson is a very relatable fitness activity! Students use their bodies to move through the motions of going on a vacation. Starting with picking a destination, students then act ...
Kids in Motion

To Follow or Not to Follow? Lesson Plan

This lesson is to be used with the program Underground Railroad: The William Still Story . Students will learn about the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Students will decide what ...

Twizzle Lesson Plan

Students must use their listening and exercise skills to win this game! Students listen for commands from their teacher such as jump, turn, freeze, go, and twizzle. As they hear ...
Kids in Motion

What is a Border? Lesson Plan

In this lesson, to be used with the program The War of 1812 , students will learn what the difference is between a "physical" border and a "political" border. Maps ...