For This and Future Generations

For this and Future Generations is a video about the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention and the document they produced.
Montana PBS

Mimi and Dona

This collection helps students learn about a pressing social issue—finding appropriate housing and support for this vulnerable population—and foster greater respect and compassion for the families and caregivers of people ...
Independent Lens

Letters to the Next President 2.0

Letters to the Next President 2.0 engages and connects young people, aged 13-18, as they research, write, and make to voice their opinions on issues that matter to them in ...

The State of Arizona | Collection

This collection features resources for the Emmy-nominated film,The State of Arizona. Students can learn about SB1070, a controversial law passed by the Arizona Senate in 2010, also known as the ...
Independent Lens

Science Friday: Sea Creatures

Science Friday joins marine biologists as they investigate some of the world's most interesting marine fauna, their crazy adaptations, strange behaviors, and unique niches within oceanic ecosystems.
Science Friday

Georgia Read More

Georgia Read More is an opportunity for dignitaries and celebrities to read a children’s book aloud to a group of students and have the reading taped for future broadcast.

Market to Market

Market to Market Classroom connects your curriculum with stories about the science, technology, culture, and business of agriculture from the nation's longest-running agribusiness television program.

Elements of Art | KQED Art School

Explore the seven basic elements of art including Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Value, Space and Color. These are the building blocks of all art and are a good place to ...

Do Now: Explore Current Issues Using Social Media

Do Now is a weekly activity for students to engage and respond to current issues using social media tools like Twitter. Do Now aims to build civic engagement and digital ...

This Week in West Virginia History

Explore economic, social, and political events and individuals in West Virginia history with the West Virginia Public Broadcasting series This Week in WV History. A guided listening graphic organizer, scripts, ...
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The Homestretch | Youth Action Collection

A curriculum collection inspired by the Independent Lens film "The Homestretch," about three resilient teens who experience homelessness in Chicago. The collection features a youth action guide, discussion guide, and ...
Independent Lens

Engineering Is...

With the “Engineering Is…” collection, middle- and high-school students can learn about scientists and engineers working together across disciplines to investigate issues, make discoveries and develop solutions.

American Experience: Freedom Riders

Learn about the Freedom Riders, a courageous band of African American and white civil rights activists who in 1961 rode together on buses throughout the American South to challenge segregation
American Experience


Frontline delivers thought-provoking journalism that tackles the tough, controversial, and complex stories that shape our times. Explore a variety of issues from around the globe, in this collection of resources ...

Loop Scoops

We live in a world of stuff—some natural, some man-made, some critical to our well-being, some just fun to have. We also live at a time when issues of environmental ...


Some of the country’s leading specialists offer free appraisals of historic antiques and collectibles. These objects can tell us much about life in the past and often are tied to ...
Antiques Roadshow Series

Adaptive Technologies

These media resources from ICE WARRIORS, MEDAL QUEST, and DESIGN SQUAD NATION help students explore how science, technology, engineering, and math support athletes with physical disabilities.

Move It!

Move It! is a health and wellness series that is broken into three components and focuses on keeping families active, nutritional education, and self-awareness.

The March @ 50

This web series takes a contemporary look at the legacy of the March on Washington and the delivery of its promises.

The Story of the Jews

Classroom resources from The Story of the Jews, a five-part, five-hour public television series written and presented by historian and critic Simon Schama.

NC Science Now

North Carolina Science Now brings science out of the lab and into the classroom.