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  1. Acid Mine Drainage Discussion Questions

    Acid Mine Drainage Discussion Questions

    This PDF combines all discussion questions from the eight "Acid Mine Videos" pages into a single document that teachers can ...

    Grades: 6-12
    Provided by: KET
  2. Experimenting with a Lemon Battery


    Experimenting with a Lemon Battery

    Can a fresh lemon power a digital clock? In this video segment adapted from ZOOM, the cast shows you how ...

    Grades: 3-8
    Provided by: Zoom
  3. Air Bag Design


    Air Bag Design

    Using automobile crash test footage, this video segment adapted from NOVA shows some of the challenges in designing the air bag.

    Grades: 3-12
    Provided by: NOVA
  4. How Caves Form

    How Caves Form

    This interactive activity from NOVA shows four different ways in which caves are formed: by rainwater, waves, lava, and bacteria.

    Grades: 3-12
    Provided by: NOVA
  5. A Look at a Kenyan Classroom


    A Look at a Kenyan Classroom

    In this video segment from Wide Angle, learn about education in Kenya by visiting the first-grade classroom of Joab, a young Kenyan boy.

    Grades: 3-12
    Provided by: WNET
  6. Clifton Suspension Bridge


    Clifton Suspension Bridge

    This video segment from Building Big illustrates the basic design principles of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England.

    Grades: 3-12
    Provided by: Building Big
  7. Rome's Colosseum


    Rome's Colosseum

    This Building Block video from the Building Big series shows a wide shot of the ancient Colosseum in modern-day Rome as cars and joggers pass ...

    Grades: All
    Provided by: WGBH
  8. Scent of an Alewife


    Scent of an Alewife

    This video segment from NOVA: "Sea Behind the Dunes" tracks the return of spawning alewife fish from the open ocean back to the freshwater streams ...

    Grades: 3-8
    Provided by: NOVA
  9. Female Student's Winning Solo


    Female Student's Winning Solo

    In this video from Broadway or Bust, a young singer performs the song “Disneyland” from the musical Smile.

    Grades: 6-12
    Provided by: Broadway or Bust Series
  10. Insight and Imagination


    Insight and Imagination

    Get an overview of how insight and imagination distinguish humans from others in this segment from The Human Spark.

    Grades: 5-12
  11. Give Me Some Space


    Give Me Some Space

    Students are asked to identify equipment and/or instruments used to explore the universe.

    Grades: 6-12
    Provided by: WLVT PBS
  12. Everglades



    In this video segment from WILD TV, a scientist in the Florida Everglades talks about her research on the pig frog.

    Grades: 3-8
    Provided by: WNET
  13. Arrangement 1


    Arrangement 1

    The CyberSquad tries to figure out a table arrangement for 20 workers in this video from Cyberchase.

    Grades: 4-8
    Provided by: Cyberchase
  14. Jupiter: Earth's Shield


    Jupiter: Earth's Shield

    Jupiter's gravity protects Earth from asteroids. In this video adapted from NOVA, scientists searching for signs of life identify solar systems with Jupiter-like planets ...

    Grades: 6-12
    Provided by: NOVA
  15. The Art of Forces and Motion
    Lesson Plan

    The Art of Forces and Motion

    Students learn about Forces and Motion by creating art that helps them to visualize, identify and explain these phenomena.

    Grades: 4-12
    Provided by: KQED