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  1. Dinosaur Discoveries: Shonisaurus


    Dinosaur Discoveries: Shonisaurus

    Dr. Scott shares information about the prehistoric marine species Shonisaurus. The Shonisaurus grew up to 70 feet long! What is ...

    Grades: PreK-2
    Provided by: Dinosaur Train
  2. Reach for the Ceiling


    Reach for the Ceiling

    This rhyme encourages play and motion. You can make up new and different games that will add to your conversations with your child.

    Grades: PreK,13+
    Provided by: Rocky Mountain PBS RMPBS
  3. It's Raining! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood


    It's Raining! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Prince Wednesday and Daniel Tiger learn about calming down and creating alternative solutions in this video clip.

    Grades: PreK-K
    Provided by: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  4. Railroad Museum Field Trip

    Railroad Museum Field Trip

    Choo! Choo! Hop on the KidVisionVPK Express with Penny and the KidVision VPK Kids as they visit a railroad museum and explore all kinds of ...

    Grades: PreK-3
    Provided by: WPBT2
  5. Young At Art Field Trip

    Young At Art Field Trip

    At Young At Art, a hands-on art museum for all ages, Penny and the KidVision VPK kids learn about artists by doing their art.  They ...

    Grades: PreK-3
    Provided by: WPBT2
  6. Shape Hunt

    Shape Hunt

    This short video from KET helps preschool students identify simple shapes by pointing out where they may see them in their everyday lives.

    Grades: PreK-K
  7. Patterns Repeat

    Patterns Repeat

    Where do you see patterns? Everywhere! This short clip from KET shows preschool children a variety of ways to form patterns.

    Grades: PreK-K
  8. Kites Field Trip

    Kites Field Trip

    Let’s go fly a kite! Join Penny and the KidVision VPK kids at Skyward Kites. Learn about the shapes of kites, the parts of ...

    Grades: PreK-3
    Provided by: WPBT2
  9. Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools

    Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools

    Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools provides necessary training to assist school personnel as they comply with Kentucky Administrative Regulations passed ...

    Grades: All
  10. Shadow Scientist

    Shadow Scientist

    Caillou is no longer afraid to ask questions after becoming a “shadow scientist” and learning about shadows at preschool.  

    Grades: PreK
    Provided by: Caillou
  11. Giants of the Depths

    Giants of the Depths

    This video features Sperm whales with an accompanying lesson plan about Sound in the Sea. Sperm whales navigate the ocean and locate prey with echolocation ...

    Grades: PreK-12
  12. Painting with Water

    Painting with Water

    In this video segment, real kids learn how to make paintings on a hot sidewalk using melting ice cubes that evaporate over time. 

    Grades: PreK
    Provided by: Peep Series
  13. Steam Team Design Game
    Media Gallery


    Steam Team Design Game

    In this learning resource from Thomas & Friends, students learn to be "Really Useful Engines" through teamwork and cooperation.

    Grades: PreK
    Provided by: Thomas & Friends
  14. Children's Song & Dance

    Children's Song & Dance

    Young children from the Lexington (Kentucky) Chinese Music, Dance, and Art program perform songs and dances from the Han and other Chinese traditions.

    Grades: PreK-6
  15. Make the Healthy Choice Quiz

    Make the Healthy Choice Quiz

    Healthy Me Quiz is an interactive assessment in which students click or touch the food that is the healthier choice.

    Grades: PreK-1