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  1. Visiting the Dentist


    Visiting the Dentist

    This short video from KET follows two brothers on a trip to the dentist.

    Grades: PreK-K
  2. Super Smoothie

    Super Smoothie

    Help Hannah make a yummy smoothie using healthy ingredients.

    Grades: PreK-K
  3. Honey Cake | Peg + Cat


    Honey Cake | Peg + Cat

    Peg and Cat help Ramone get honey from the bees for the special of the day, Honey Cake!

    Grades: PreK-2
  4. Arch de Juice Box | Peg + Cat


    Arch de Juice Box | Peg + Cat

    Peg and Cat re-use juice boxes to build an arch for the Nursery School Halloween Parade.

    Grades: PreK-2
  5. Buster's Breathless

    Buster's Breathless

    This read-aloud story is based on the Arthur episode, "Buster's Breathless." As you read, pause to talk about the characters and what's happening ...

    Grades: PreK-4
    Provided by: WGBH