100 Days

  • The 100th Day of School | All About the Holidays

    The 100th day of school is an important milestone in the school year recognized in elementary schools across America. How does your school recognize its first 100 days?

    Grades: K-5
  • 100 or Bust | Cyberchase Activity

    Using the tens place and ones place this activity explores the usefulness of the number zero. This one page, printable exercise is designed to be completed by pairs and requires a die.

    Grades: 3-6, 13+
  • Rounding: Nearest 10 or 100

    Learning to assess the reasonableness of an answer is an important mathematical skill. It’s your child’s way of seeing if she’s on the right track when problem solving. Sometimes we use rounding to estimate a solution.

    In third grade, your child will round whole numbers using a vertical number line and round to the nearest ten or to the nearest hundred.

    Let’s round seven-hundred sixty-two to the nearest hundred. Your child knows seven-hundred sixty-two is made up of seven hundreds, six tens, and two ones. Seven hundreds is seven-hundred. So seven-hundred-sixty-two will fall somewhere above seven-hundred on the vertical number line.

    How many hundreds come after seven hundreds? Five-hundred, six-hundred, seven-hundred, eight-hundred… Eight hundreds! 

    Next, your child will find the midpoint or halfway mark. What falls halfway between 700 and 800? This can be tricky, so your child may skip count by fifty. Six-hundred, six-hundred fifty, seven-hundred, seven-hundred fifty, eight-hundred… Seven-hundred fifty is the midpoint!

    Ask your child: Where will you place seven-hundred sixty-two on this number line? Ummm… Here! Just a little above the midpoint.

    Using a vertical number line is a very helpful model. Your child can clearly see that seven-hundred sixty-two is closer to eight-hundred than it is to seven-hundred, so it rounds up to eight-hundred.

    Seven-hundred sixty-two rounded to the nearest hundred is eight-hundred. Or, seven-hundred sixty-two is approximately equal to eight-hundred. 

    Talk with your child about this special case: When a number falls exactly on the midpoint, you round up. Like this - twenty-five is the midpoint, and twenty-five rounded to the nearest ten is thirty because you round up. Twenty-five is approximately thirty.

    Using a vertical number line gives your child a visual representation for rounding. With practice, she will always see when to round up and when to round down.

    And that’s good to know.

    Grades: 3
  • Earning 100 Snelfus

    In this video segment from Cyberchase, there is a valuable Encryptor chip being auctioned off that the CyberSquad needs to purchase in order to save Motherboard. It looks like it will take at least 100 Snelfus to win the bidding. The CyberSquad plans to raise Snelfus by working each day to earn and save Snelfus over a period of 11 days.

    Grades: 3-5
  • Curious George: 100's Day

    In this video from Curious George, students participate in activities during a "100's Day" celebration at school. The students are asked to experience what 100 stacked cubes look like, what 100 toppling blocks sound like, and what 100 rope jumps feel like. Through these activities, students use visual, auditory, and tactile senses to relate to the concept of a counting number.

    Viewing this video requires QuickTime.

    Grades: K-2
  • 100 Chickens | Interactive SMART Board Activity

    Use this interactive SMART board activity from the PBS Kids LAB to help children practice counting up to ten objects in a scattered configuration and visualizing the relationship between ten and one hundred. This visual activity will make elementary math more fun within the classroom!

    These resources require a notebook application for SMART boards. You will be able to download these files, and can test them in your browser with SMART Notebook Express.

    Grades: PreK-K, 13+
  • Counting by Tens Song: 100 Chickens on the Purple Planet | Peg + Cat

    In this clip that corresponds to the activity Chicken Feed, Ramone and Peg sing a song about counting by 10's while they save the chickens from Big Mouth.

    Grades: PreK-2
  • Having Fun with the Number 100 | Peg + Cat

    Ideas for crafts and activities, all using the number 100!

    Grades: PreK-K, 13+
  • 100 is 1-0-0 | Peg + Cat

    To get home to Earth, Peg and Cat fly their spaceship towards the galaxy that looks like the number 100. By the end of this video, kids should understand the numbers that make up 100: ones and zeroes.

    Grades: PreK-2
  • Skip Counting 5, 10, and 100 | The Electric Company Math Activities

    In this activity, students will review counting by fives, tens, and hundreds and discuss how 100 is a bundle of ten tens. Included are simple teacher-led activities and hands-on exercises for students.

    Grades: 1-3, 13+
  • Chickens in Space | Peg + Cat

    In this activity, children will practice estimating size and quantity to send 100 chickens into space.

    Grades: PreK-K, 13+
  • Chickens in Space! - Peg + Cat | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource with children to use 3-D shapes to build a spaceship that is just the right size for its passengers. A strange spaceship visits Peg, Cat, and Richard on The Purple Planet. 

    Este juego ayudará a niños a utilizar formas 3-D para construir una nave espacial que es el tamaño justo para sus pasajeros. Una nave espacial extraña visita Peg, Cat, y Richard en el planeta morado.

    Grades: PreK-2
  • Giant Pizza Party | Peg + Cat

    Children will count up to 100 as they work together to make a giant pizza.

    Grades: PreK-K, 13+
  • Counting On...

    In kindergarten, your child will learn to count all the way to 100, by ones and by tens! But wait—Can he count to 100… starting from 29? Twenty-eight… Twenty-nine… Umm… twenty-ten?

    Grades: K
  • Chicken Coop - Peg + Cat | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource with children to count to 100 by 10's. Help return 100 chickens to their home sweet home! Can you find a place for each chicken? All 100 of them?!

    Utiliza este juego con niños para contar de 10 en 10 hasta 100. ¡Ayuda a 100 pollos a que regresen a su hogar, dulce hogar! ¿Puedes encontrar un lugar para cada pollo? ¿100 de ellos?

    Grades: PreK-K
  • 100th Day of School Educator Guide | Peg + Cat

    This educator guide outlines ways to teach your students about counting with videos, games, and activities featuring Peg + Cat. Your students will watch, play, explore, and share as they learn!
    Grades: PreK-K
  • 100th Day of School

    Learn about local 100th Day of School celebrations. The 100th Day of School is an important day in the school year.


    Grades: K-3
  • 100th Day of School Educator Guide

    Celebrate the 100th Day of School with activities all about the number 100. Use this Peg + Cat 100th Day of School educator guide to bring estimation and counting into the classroom. 

    Grades: PreK-1, 13+
  • Math in the Bath: Peg's Pizza Place - Peg + Cat | PBS KIDS Lab

    In this video, count pizza toppings as Peg and Cat place different toppings on pizza halves and quarters. Peg and Cat make the number 100 out of pizza stuff (it's really bath stuff).

    En este video, cuenta los ingredientes de una pizza medida que Peg y Cat colocan diferentes ingredientes en cuartos y mitades de la pizza. Peg y Cat hacen el número 100 de la materia pizza (que es realmente materia del baño).

    Grades: PreK-1
  • Percent as a Means to Compare Fractions

    In this video segment from Cyberchase, the CyberSquad looks at data on the Squitters' jumping attempts. They first convert the fractional results to equivalent fractions with denominator values equal to 100. Then they notice that these fractions can be written as percents.

    Grades: 4-8