2D Media/Process

Videos in the Visual Arts Toolkit collection explore the elements of art and the principles of design as well as the design process from the planning stages to final creation. Through demonstrations and artist interviews, the collection represents a wide variety of cultures and artwork in a range of media.

  • Painting: Robert Tharsing

    Painter Robert Tharsing talks about how he became interested in abstract painting, which he says was a “natural progression to eliminate imagery and focus on abstraction, on the idea.” He also demonstrates his process of layering paint onto the canvas to create the illusion of depth and a sense of energy.

    Grades: 4-13+
  • Murals: Andee Rudloff

    Artist Andee Rudloff describes her process for painting a large-scale mural, from planning the work to transferring it to a building. She compares the challenge of painting on a large scale to running a marathon, saying you have to keep a vision of the completed work in mind in order to keep going. She also talks about the feedback she gets from passersby as they watch her work.

    Grades: 4-13+
  • Printmaking: Derrick Riley

    Derrick Riley’s prints incorporate robots and other nonhuman characters as a way of exploring the human condition. He says his works are a humorous way to comment on the way in which we deal with the problems of society. Riley talks about what inspires him, how he transferred his drawing skills to printmaking, and his approach to teaching. He also demonstrates the process of creating a reduction woodcut print in his University of Kentucky studio.

    This resource is part of the KET Visual Arts Toolkit and Muse Moments collections.

    Grades: 4-13+
  • Fiber: Arturo Sandoval

    Mylar, webbing, netting, yarn, textured thread, one billion stitches, four years, several full-time workers, and various other helpers, plus one artist behind it all, are what it took to create the monumental Millennium Project hanging in the Singletary Center of Fine Arts at the University of Kentucky. Arturo Sandoval, the artist, takes viewers through the process he went through—from maquette to installation—in creating this masterpiece.

    Grades: 4-13+
  • Photography: Uwe Ommer

    Photographer Uwe Ommer traveled four years and some 180,000 miles to photograph 1,000 different families from around the world. He tells the story behind this international photography project, discussing its purposes and his conclusions about what it demonstrated.

     Alert to teachers: Ommer’s website includes photographs with nudity inappropriate for student audiences.

    Grades: 4-13+
  • Photography: Tom Myers

    Tom Myers of Lexington, Kentucky, is a nature photographer and a trained entomologist. In this segment, he discusses how he has traveled the world photographic primarily animals and the challenges of wildlife photography.

    Grades: 4-13+