Against The Darkness

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    Against The Darkness: The Coal Industry

    Against the Darkness is a video about coal mining in Montana.  Underground mining was dirty and very dangerous.  Many immigrants went to work in the mines while the coal mining companies controlled most other aspects in their lives – providing the housing but charging high rents or providing the general stores and making miners and their families shop there.  Miners faced several inherent dangers like explosions and black lung disease, but immigrants were hoping to make enough money to either go back home or buy land.  


    Grades: 7-10
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    Against the Darkness A community of immigrants

    Against the Darkness is a video about coal mining, but it has implications far beyond that limited world. It is the story of life at the mines…immigrants working together and making communities that often reflected where they came from as well as the communities they created.

    Grades: 7-11