The Rise of Industrial America

The photographs selected for the Rise of the Industrial America collection may be used by educators and students to illustrate American life and technological advancements between approximately 1876 and 1917, after the Reconstruction and before World War I.  A teacher's guide is included. It is intended for grades 6-12.

The themes of the content offer a visual representation of the way of life for early 20th century Americans, supporting the development of critical thinking skills by challenging preconceived notions about life “back then” and offering a deeper understanding of American life 100 years ago, with these photographs "new" technologies, famous peronalities, every day people, and urban and rural scenes, that speak to westward expansion and the rise of the industrial age.

Click any one of the subtopics to access 100's of beautiful images specifically relevant to the NCSS Standards for American History. These images may be used by students for comparative analysis of lifestyles and technology at the turn of the last century.