America's Heartland

America’s Heartland gives an inside look at the people and processes involved in bringing food, fuel, and fiber to those in the United States and around the world.

  • Carrot Harvest | America's Heartland

    Learn about the harvesting of the world's second most popular vegetable, the carrot, and examine how the sandy soil of Lake Park, Georgia, affects its taste.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Geothermal Steam Heats Greenhouses | America's Heartland

    Discover how one farm family harnesses geothermal steam to heat tomato greenhouses year-round in Newcastle, Utah.  

    Grades: K-12
  • Walnuts - Health & Harvest | America's Heartland

    Come along for the California walnut harvest. Learn all about the harvesting process, and about the nutritional benefits of this healthy nut!

    Grades: K-12
  • Bringing Back the Bison | America's Heartland

    On her bison farm in central Kansas, Linda Hubalek is helping to bring these native, majestic animals back from the brink after hunting almost made them extinct. Learn how she sustains her farming and preservation operations.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Family Sweet-Potato Farm | America's Heartland

    Modern farming is a complex industrial coordination of crop yields, processing, packing, shipping, and food-safety certification. Travel to Matthews Ridgeview Farms in Wynne, Arkansas, where 21st-century complexity is built on basic principles of quality product and family heritage.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Life on a Goat Farm | America's Heartland

    Travel to Waynesboro, Tennessee, and visit the goats at Bonnie Blue Farm. Learn about the farmers, their cheesemaking process, and, of course, their goats, and discover the hard work and passion that go into running a successful farm.

    Grades: 7, 9-12
  • Old Ranches and New Development | America's Heartland

    Travel to Gardnerville, Nevada, and meet two ranchers who are deciding whether to maintain their rural lifestyles or sell out to encroaching housing developments.

    Grades: 7, 9-12
  • Community-Supported Agriculture | America's Heartland

    The demand for locally sourced food continues to grow. Visit a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm in Apalachicola, Florida, to understand how Crescent Moon Organic Farm meets this demand.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Summer Sweet Corn | America's Heartland

    Take a visit to Ron Deardorff's farm in central Iowa and learn about the harvesting of sweet corn in the summer. 

    Grades: 9-12
  • Environmentalist Farmer | America's Heartland

    The Faris family has been farming on the same land in south central Iowa since 1903, and Lee Faris intends to keep it that way. Faris is more than just a cattle rancher: he's made it a priority to preserve the vitality of his land for future generations. Learn about the environmentally conscious practices he's implemented that have won him awards, recognition, and respect from other farmers.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Harvesting Rice | America's Heartland

    Rice is an important staple food all over the world. Learn how a special type of aromatic rice is harvested and processed in South Carolina.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Family Peach Farm | America's Heartland

    At Bennett Orchards in Frankford, Delaware, each member of the Bennett family plays a role in their farm's evolution. Get an inside look at how they continue to keep it innovative and vital.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Invasive Wild Hogs | America's Heartland

    Hogs are a common sight on many farms, but these days invasive populations of wild, or feral, hogs are becoming just as common. Learn about the impact these animals have on farms and examine the efforts to stop them.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Cowboy College | America's Heartland

    Cowboys may make you think of old western days, but the cowboy and ranch life are still very important today. Discover how cityslickers get a firsthand learning experience at a unique school in Arizona. 

    Grades: 5-12
  • Musk Oxen | America's Heartland

    Come to Anchorage, Alaska, and meet the native musk oxen. Discover how a farm cooperative raises, preserves, and combs the oxen, and how the animals' wool helps sustain members of the local indigenous community.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Gator Farm | America's Heartland

    Cattle, horses, or pigs are usually what you think of when you think of livestock. Well, in Florida this farm raises Alligators. Take a look at this unique niche farm and how they operate. 

    Grades: K-12
  • Aloe Vera Farm | America's Heartland

    Come along on a tour of an aloe vera farm in south Texas and discover the many ways in which this succulent plant is used to promote healing and good health.

    Grades: 9-12
  • All-Natural Pet Food | America's Heartland

    Healthy eating is important for everyone, including our pets! Take an inside look at how a healthy, all-natural pet food is produced.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Cattle Auctioneering | America's Heartland

    Learn what it takes to be a successful cattle auctioneer from brothers Lex and Shawn Madden of Wyoming.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Niche Farming | America's Heartland

    Learn how agriculture is feeding the demand of the country's growing diversity. Visit one of the county's successful niche farming operations. Over 3-dozen varieties of crops are grown here, tailored to a fast growing ethnic market. 

    Grades: K-12