Animal Behaviors

  • A Smelly Disaster! | Wild Kratts

    Join Koki and Aviva as they organize their smell library and learn just how important smells are in the wild. Disaster strikes when smells spill, equipment malfunctions, and the miniaturized girls are carried away by termites to the termite mound.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Activating Teamwork | Wild Kratts

    Chris and Martin activate otter powers and work together to help a young otter called Slider. They teach Slider how to hunt for fish in the cypress swamp.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Beavers Have Refrigerators? | Wild Kratts

    Join the Kratt brothers to learn about beavers and their winter survival skills. Beavers are vegetarians, which makes finding food in the winter a challenge. During the summer, they collect extra leaves and branches and store them in cold water. When winter comes, they collect the food from their "natural" refrigerators!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Bison Roadblock | Wild Kratts

    The Wild Kratts crew embarks on a race to determine which prairie animal can run the fastest. When Martin and Aviva activate their fast-running prairie creature powers in a race to the finish line, they stumble upon a herd of angry bison blocking their path!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Catching the Road Runner | Wild Kratts

    Join the Wild Kratts gang in learning about the roadrunner. Chris and Martin are chasing a mystery lizard through the desert when they stumble on the fastest land bird in North America!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Designer Spider Silk - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this video to help children understand how spiders spin different types of silk to create a web and trap prey. The gang is out testing adventure gear when they come across an amazing animal design: Spider Silk! 

    Utiliza este vídeo para ayudar a niños a entender cómo las arañas tejen diferentes tipos de seda para crear una red y atrapar presas. Los Kratts están fuera cuando se encuentran con un diseño de animal increíble: Seda de araña!

    Grades: K-4
  • Gila Monster on the Move! | Wild Kratts

    Chris, Martin, and Xavier observe a gila monster on the hunt for its spring feast. These creatures only need to eat three meals like this in a year!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Hide and Seek: Predator versus Prey Relations | Wild Kratts

    The Kratt brothers watch out for each other in the quest to discover the identity of the mystery lizard. While using their creature powers, they run into predators along the way - including hungry road runners and a quick coyote!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Martin vs. Marten | Wild Kratts

    Learn about the pine marten and its prey: woodpeckers, squirrels, and now Kratt brothers with activated creature powers. He gives Martin a real workout, but the team just thinks he is fooling around!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Mystery Tongue! | Wild Kratts

    Join the Wild Kratt gang as they learn about termites, their homes, and their predators. Koki and Aviva help sort the eggs in the royal chamber. When a giant tongue attacks the termite mound, Chris and Martin use their skills of deduction to determine the predator's identity.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Night Wandering | Wild Kratts

    Learn about tarsier creature powers with the Kratt brothers. Chris and Martin use the lessons they learned from a tarsier to help find their way through the jungle at night.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Orangutan forest | Wild Kratts

    Learn about orangutans with the Kratt brothers. Chris and Martin find themselves on the wrong side of an angry orangutan.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Orbit the Spider - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this video to teach children how the Golden Orb Weaver spider spins her web. Chris and Martin watch Orbit, the Golden Orb Weaver Spider, spin an orb web!

    Utiliza este vídeo par enseñar a niños cómo la araña teje su tela de araña. Chris y Martin ven a Orbit tejer una telaraña.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Rainbow Trout in Winter | Wild Kratts

    Join the Wild Kratt gang as they learn how creatures survive in the winter. Rainbow trout slow down during the season, when they live underneath a thick sheet of ice. Their slower speed makes them easy prey for otters like Slider.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Raising Monarch Butterflies (Growing, Growing, Gone)

    Join Chris and Martin as they see the fast development of Monarch caterpillars into butterflies and get an inside look at this process! The Kratt brothers explain that Monarchs take the longest insect journey — traveling 3000 miles to Mexico — and that they start as caterpillars for about eleven days. Then the caterpillars grow in the chrysalis for about ten days and transform into Monarch butterflies!

    Grades: 1-3
  • Rattled | Wild Kratts

    Learn about the creature powers of the rattlesnake with the Kratt brothers. In the middle of a mission in the Sonoran Desert, they come face to face with a rattler!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Seeing Sea Turtles | Wild Kratts

    Come explore the underwater habitat, including the inside of a sponge. Aviva checks in with the guys to see what they have discovered while exploring the sea turtle's habitat.

    Grades: 3-4
  • Shell Exchange | Wild Kratts

    Martin and Chris learn about hermit crab habits and behaviors. Hermit crabs change shells as they grow - and they line up to exchange shells as a group!

    Grades: 3-4
  • Tellurium Underground | Wild Kratts

    Join the Wild Kratts gang on an evening adventure in the desert featuring rattlesnakes. A frightened Jimmy must hand-deliver creature power discs to Chris and Martin in the Sonoran Desert after the Tortuga has a crash landing! See how a cornered squirrel escapes from a diamondback rattlesnake.

    Grades: 3-4
  • The Burrow-Builders of Africa - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this video to teach children the importance of aardvark burrows to the African landscape. The Wild Kratts discover why aardvarks are an important part of the African landscape. 

    Utiliza este vídeo par enseñar a niños la importancia de las madrigueras del cerdo hormiguero en el paisaje africano. Los Kratts descubren por qué los cerdos hormigueros son parte importante del paisaje africano.

    Grades: 3-4