Our two-time Emmy award winning video program is on a mission to help kids and teens realize their creative potential by making artists, innovators, and museums across the world relatable. Our team at Artrageous has an unhealthy obsession with creativity and the cultural influences that promote it.  Whether we are discussing art history, highlighting the techniques used by famous artists, or investigating how people use art in their jobs, we humanize the role of the artist and peel back the layers of the creative process.  

  • Vining: Redefining Landscape Painting | Artrageous

    What happens when your background includes law, education, and art? You become an amazingly diverse painter! Justin Vining is redefining the watercolor landscape. This episode will leave you inspired to push color and bold lines to a whole new level.

    Grades: 4-12
  • Sandoval: Kidney Cell Kaleidoscope | Artrageous

    Is there beauty in a kidney cell? Microscopist Ruben Sandoval thinks so! Sandoval creates tessellated kaleidoscope-like artworks from the microscopic cell images he generates through his work. His art was born from the science he practices, and his scientific techniques have now been influenced by his art!

    Grades: 5-12
  • Making a Street Artist | Artrageous

    Street Art—you see it everywhere, on buildings, buses, bridges, overpasses, in the alley behind your house. But what divides graffiti and street tags from graphic illustration and mural art?

    Grades: 5-12