Back to School 2018

Get ready to go back to school with your trusted classroom partner, PBS! This collection features some of our favorite back-to-school videos that you can use to familiarize new students with classroom routines.

  • Back to School | All About the Holidays

    Prepare for 'back to school season' with this video to get your students prepared and excited for the new school year.

    Grades: K-4
  • Starting School with Daniel Tiger & Mister Rogers

    It's the beginning of the school year and there are so many new experiences coming up! Join Mister Rogers and Daniel Tiger as they prepare themselves for the first day of school. Through The Fred Rogers Company episodes, clips, activities and articles, help your children and students gain a much more thorough understanding of what school life will be like.

    For more parenting resources on understanding and improving your child's commencement of school, find more helpful resources at The Fred Rogers Company website here.

    Grades: PreK-2
  • The Morning Routine | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel nearly misses Trolley, but the morning song helps him remember what he needs to do: put on clothes, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes, and go to school! Teach kids the morning routine song so that they will not forget the essential steps to get ready for each day.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • Let's Ride the Bus | Everyday Learning

    We all have to follow the rules. This fun, animated poem follows students as they board the bus and head to school, following all of the rules along the way.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • A School Bus Ride | Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

    Mister Rogers discusses school, name tags, and riding the school bus. In this episode, singer François Clemmons visits the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and sings to a group of students starting at a new school, and Mister Rogers takes a tour of a school bus and joins children on their ride home from school.

    Grades: PreK-2
  • Separation | Daniel Tiger: Life's Little Lesson

    Just as Daniel Tiger and Miss Elaina are learning how to go to school and be away from their families, the children in your classroom are learning these same skills. The separation may be easier for some kids and more difficult for others, but having a plan in place for gradual acclimation and strategies the children can employ throughout the day can help children learn to be more independent and remember that grownups do come back.

    In this set of resources, we will focus on how you can help children work on feelings about separation and independence, memory skills, developing self-control, and expressing feelings.

    Watch the videos about Separation and think about how you could use them as a part of the classroom activities or throughout the year as children work on being away from their families and remembering. 

    Explore further the topic of Separation in your classroom with the Teacher Tips and Classroom Activity. 

    Share the Family Activitiy document with the families of your students, so they can continue the conversation at home.

    Grades: PreK-1, 13+