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Caillou is a typical 4-year-old child. At this age, role playing is as appealing as it is essential. By playing pretend, children can visualize doing things they have never done: they are empowered and dare to try and discover new things.  Role-playing teaches children to cope with strong emotions like anger, sadness and jealousy, and accomplish feats they would never have thought possible.

By observing Caillou, children (and their teachers and parents) learn that using their imagination is important, useful and valuable. Young students feel encouraged to imitate our little hero as they watch him go through various stages of development. At first Caillou relies on realistic props to invent a story and bring his imaginary ideas to life. But little by little, he is able to use more abstract, symbolic objects that are realistic to him.

Through these video clips, full episodes and lesson plans, Caillou shares his engaging, imaginative creations with his preschool viewing audience.