Additional Resources

  • Map of China

    This is a map of China from the CIA World Factbook with major cities highlighted.

    Grades: K-13+
  • Map of East and Southeast Asia: China

    This is a map of East and Southeast Asia with China highlighted from The World Factbook.

    Grades: K-13+
  • Chinese New Year | U.S. Department of State

    Chinese New Year is one of the most important and festive Chinese holidays. More than 2.5 million people of Chinese descent live in the United States and Chinese New Year's celebrations provide an important connection to Chinese culture and heritage.

    Grades: 2-6
  • Chinese Red Envelopes

    One Chinese New Year Tradition is to give red envelopes to others for good luck. Create your own red envelopes, in this activity from Zoom.

    Grades: 1-8
  • Hong Kong Celebrates Chinese New Year | World Religions: Taoism

    HONG KONG - FEBRUARY 18: Taoist priests at Wong Tai Sin Temple on the first day of Lunar New Year holiday on February 18, 2015 in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands of worshippers flocked to temples across to pray for good luck and fortune for the Year of Sheep.
    Grades: 1-12