Coastwatch on North Carolina Now

UNC-TV has teamed with North Carolina Sea Grant, a federal/state partnership program that works on coastal and marine water issues arising within the state, to present the series Coastwatch on North Carolina Now.

Three Coastwatch pilot segments are funded by a grant from North Carolina State University’s Office of Extension, Engagement and Economic Development. Each of these 5-7 minute videos were designed to facilitate the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Urban Stream Restoration

    This NC Now Coastwatch segment documents how scientists and engineers are rehabilitating North Carolina's buried and polluted streams. Their efforts, undertook by scientists and engineers with support from the state and public universities, will improve water quality and support acquatic ecosystems.

    Grades: 8
  • Ocean Observing

    This NC Now Coastwatch segment documents how two groups research water quality and weather events to monitor the health of North Carolina's unique coastal waters. It explores the methods and technology each group uses to carry out its work.

    Grades: 8
  • Finding Fish in Lots of Water

    This NC Now Coastwatch segment documents how shifting currents near the shores of North Carolina's Cape Hatteras makes it one of the most unique fishing areas in the world, and how recreational and commerical fishers navigate it. It also addresses the marine electronics and technologies which aid the commercial fishing industry.

    Grades: 8