Do Now: Explore Current Issues Using Social Media

Do Now is a weekly activity for students to engage and respond to current issues using social media tools like Twitter. KQED aims to introduce 21st Century skills and add value to learning through the integration of relevant local content and new media tools and technologies. Do Now gives students a chance to practice civic engagement and digital citizenship skills while they explore ways to connect topics in their classes to the present day.

This collection contains the most current Do Now, a guide to using Twitter and resources from the Teach Do Now MOOC.  Also find a self-paced module for using Do Now.

KQED In the Classroom: Burton High School's Do Now with Twitter

  • Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?

    From robotic surgeries to driverless cars, as technology advances, robots are able to perform all different kinds of tasks. This means they could put some people out of work.

    Grades: 8-13+