DragonflyTV's educational philosophy is echoed in its mission: To give children and scientists a national forum where they can share the excitement of scientific discovery.  

Our primary goals are to:

1) Foster a greater interest in science and the process of scientific inquiry among children aged 9 to 12,with special emphasis on racial minorities, girls, and underserved communities.

2) Give children encouragement and the confidence to conduct their own scientific investigations.

3) Provide formal and informal educators with videos that model authentic explorations of science that all children can do.

4) Increase the appreciation of science among parents and other caregivers.

5) Encourage children's literacy, through the synergy of a television show and a companion magazine.

6) Advance current research in science television.

We realize these goals through the presentation of real kids doing real science. The philosophy of DragonflyTV is rooted in a strong commitment to inquiry-based learning.