Focus on Proportional Reasoning

Focus on Proportional Reasoning is a collection of classroom video and additional resources to help middle school teachers understand and teach proportional reasoning.

  • hd video

    Tracy Poulin's 7th Grade Mathematics Class

    Middle school mathematics teacher Tracy Poulin leads her 7th grade class through a lesson on ratios and proportional reasoning, in this media gallery from WGBH.

    Grades: 6-8
  • In a Land of Giants | Cyberchase

    In this video segment from Cyberchase, the CyberSquad is trapped on Proporciona, a place where objects are 10 times larger than the kids. The CyberSquad needs to build a boat just like one that belongs to the giants, but ten times smaller. They find some model boat kits that belong to the giants and try to figure out which pieces are the right proportion and can be used together.

    Grades: 5-8
  • Scale City | Scale Models in the Real World

    This video explores scale models, including 1:12 dollhouse models, 1:24 railroad models, and 1:192 architectural models. It explains what the different ratios represent and asks students to consider how they can use measurement and proportional reasoning to create their own scale models. The accompanying classroom activity gives students hands-on practice with creating models to scale and with real-world measurement. This resource is part of the Math at the Core: Middle School Collection.

    Grades: 6-7