Folktales of the World

A folktale is a story or legend passed down from generation to generation. Often these stories are used to teach young people about their culture. They are also used as cautionary tales. In this collection, there are traditional folktales told in their native languages as well as English.

  • Chinese Folktale: The Little Rabbits

    This video features the Chinese story "The Little Rabbits" in both English and Chinese. The story has elements of the Western stories “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs.” Mama rabbit leaves her three little rabbits at home alone while she goes out. She warns her little rabbits to not open the door for anyone. A wolf overhears the mother’s warning and tries to trick the little rabbits. They aren’t fooled and outsmart the wolf.

    Storytelling in China goes back more than a thousand years and plays an important role in Chinese society. It has been used as a way to preserve culture and share knowledge as stories are passed from generation to generation.

    Grades: PreK-5
  • Colombian Folktale: Pastorcita

    This video features the Colombian story Pastorcita in both English and Spanish. Pastorcita has many elements that are similar to “Little Bo Peep.” Pastoricta is a shepherd girl who has lost her sheep. When she does find them, they are missing their tails. After searching, she finds their tails and sews them back on with thread and honey.

    Grades: PreK-5