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In the Great Job! video series, real Ohio professionals give middle and high school students a behind-the-scenes look at their exciting careers. 

The newest videos in the series highlight five of Ohio's fastest-growing careers: a Biomedical Engineer, Radiologist, Machinist, Prosthetic Specialist, and a Sonographer.

  • Prosthetic Specialist | Great Job!

    Combining her love of art & science, Prosthetic Specialist Jessie San creates state of the art prosthetic implants for the skull. 

    Grades: 6-12
  • Biomedical Engineer | Great Job!

    Working at the intersection of medicine & engineering, Biomedical Engineer Chris Pulliam develops innovative tools that measure signals that the body generates. 

    Grades: 6-12
  • Sonographer | Great Job!

    Meet Kelly Nimylowycz, a Cardiac Sonographer at the Cleveland Clinic, who uses an ultrasound machine and probe to obtain amazing images of the heart, so doctors can diagnose problems.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Radiologist | Great Job!

    Take a look at some fascinating images of the heart along with Dr. Deborah Kwon, a Cardiac Radiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. She looks closely at ultrasounds, MRIs, & CT scans to diagnose problems.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Machinist | Great Job!

    Machinist John Morris uses a computerized machining center to produce complicated parts out of metal & plastic that are accurate to fractions of an inch.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Orchestra Musician | Great Job!

    Meet Scott Haigh, first assistant principal bass for the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra, and follow his musical journey from high school, where he was inspired by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to Severance Hall, one of Ohio's most famous concert halls. Haigh describes what it takes to become an orchestra musician and how his knowledge of the Spanish language helped jump-start his career.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Radio Host and Producer | Great Job!

    Tony Ganzer works as a host and producer for WCPN, Cleveland's popular NPR affiliate, but he's covered everything from tourism in Arizona to banks in Switzerland and revolution in Egypt, and has reported stories in multiple languages. In this video we follow his career over several continents and learn why journalists must often delve into the complicated world of finance.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Senior Vice President of Theatre Operations | Great Job!

    Gina Vernaci started as a temporary assistant at Cleveland's Playhouse Square theatre district in the 1970s, when it was nearly bankrupt. Today she's senior vice president of theatre operations, and Playhouse Square is the second-largest theatre district in the U.S. In this video we learn how perseverance and an interest in math and finance led Vernaci to a successful career in the arts.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Spider Biologist | Great Job!

    Some consider Dr. Todd Blackledge a real-life Spiderman. A professor at the University of Akron, he is immersed in the study of spiders – and their extraordinarily powerful webs. Look on as Dr. Blackledge, locates webs in the wild, then, follow him back to his lab where he demonstrates how to extract spider silk from a live spider, and test its strength.

    Grades: 6-8
  • Plant Ecologist and Civil Engineer | Great Job!

    Visit the uniquely beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National and follow Plant Ecologist Chris Davis as he works to rid the park of invasive plant species, and bring back vibrant native species to the park. Afterwards, we tag along with Janet Popielski, a Civil Engineer at the park, as she shows us her work on a natural – and nearly invisible – wastewater treatment plant.

    Grades: 6-8
  • Aquarist, Diver, and Aquarium Curator | Great Job!

    Keeping an aquarium up and running is a team effort and, in this video, we meet three members of the staff at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium: Curator Stephanie White, Diver Halle Minshall, and Senior Aquarist Ray Popik. We follow the team as they care for stingrays, dive with exotic fish, and bravely feed some hungry sharks.

    Grades: 6-8
  • Forensic Reconstruction Artist | Great Job!

    Dr. Spurlock explains her multi-faceted career as an anatomist, forensic reconstruction artist, and scientific illustrator. She also shows examples of her work and demonstrates how her science-based education and her artistic abilities help reconstruct the past in order to educate the general public and even solve crimes for the police department. A very talented and interesting individual!

    Grades: 6-8
  • Zoo Veterinarian | Great Job!

    Dr. Selig talks about his job as a zoo veterinarian, his responsibilities and duties, as well as the training and formal education he received at the Ohio State University. We will follow the doctor throughout a typical day as he works with both keepers and veterinary assistants to treat the hundreds of species in his care. Two of the highlights of his round will be a routine checkup of a sloth and a physical examination of an elephant. Wait a minute... science, technology, engineering and math... at the zoo? You bet!

    Grades: 6-8
  • Chemical Engineer | Great Job!

    Becky Ramsay explains how math and science are used to help her team design, test, and, at times, destroy some of the toughest hydraulic hoses in the world. Two of the highlights are the invention of new polymer materials by the division's chemist and the curing and testing of these polymer mixtures to measure their strength and versatility. Becky will also talk about her education at Case Western Reserve University and has some words of encouragement to students to study as much mathematics and science as possible to broaden interests and keep school and career options open.

    Grades: 6-8

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