GTK: Kindergarten

  • Number Partners of 10

    Ten is a very important number. Finding the number partners that add to make 10 is a very important skill. In Kindergarten, your child will find the hidden number that makes ten. Your child will be asked to do this for any number from 1 to 9.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Number Bonds

    There are many terms your child will use when learning addition in 1st grade. Let's talk about one -- Number Bonds! Your child will use number bonds to understand addition.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • Using a Number Bond to Show Subtraction

    Number bonds show part, part, whole. Your child will use number bonds to solve take-away problems.

    Grades: K-1
  • Counting On...

    In kindergarten, your child will learn to count all the way to 100, by ones and by tens! But wait—Can he count to 100… starting from 29? Twenty-eight… Twenty-nine… Umm… twenty-ten?

    Grades: K
  • More, Fewer, Same

    Your Kindergartener will not use greater than, less than, or equal to symbols, but he does need to learn how to compare numbers. Help your child to compare groups with up to ten objects.

    Grades: PreK-1
  • Modeling with a Ten Frame

    One of the visual tools your child will use in Kindergarten is the 10-frame card. Your child will know a 10-frame card as five on top and 5 on bottom. It is important he understands five without needing to re-count each time. The children will add and subtract with the 10 frame card and begin to understand fractions

    Grades: PreK-1

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