Ignite! Stories of STEM

This collection features various instructional approaches for STEM subjects.

  • Ignite! Stories of STEM: STEM in Your Community

    Amanda Curtis has been teaching math for ten years. As a teacher at Butte High School, she is collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Environmental Quality, the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program, the history department and various mining and engineering firms to educate her students about the past, present, and future of mining in Butte. Amanda has a BS in biology from Montana Tech and is currently pursuing her M.Ed in Educational Leadership from University of Montana.

    Grades: 9-13+
  • Ignite! Stories of STEM: The Plight of STEM Teaching: Concerns and Dreams

    Mike Shaughnessy first became interested in mathematics during his high school years in upstate New York and went on to complete his Ph.D in mathematics and mathematics education at Michigan state University. Mike was on the faculty of the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics at Portland State University from 1993 to 2008. Mike has taught mathematics content courses and directed professional development experiences for mathematics teachers at all educational levels. He has authored or co-authored over 70 articles, books and book chapters on issues in teaching and learning in mathematics education.

    Grades: 13+
  • Ignite! Stories of STEM: Gas, Food, Lodging: What You Should Know About the Carbon Cycle

    Tony Hartshorn, Ph.D, has been an Assistant Professor of Soils in Montana State University's Department of Land Resource and Environmental Sciences since August 2012. He previously was an assistant Professor at James Madison University. He has developed innovative teaching modules through his outreach and teaching, including a dual-enrollment environmental science course for underrepresented juniors and seniors that he co-developed with a Harrisonburg High school (Virginia) colleague in 2011.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Ignite! Stories of STEM: Remixing Space to Foster Learning and Creativity

    Dean Phillips M.Ed, and Jeff Crews Ed.D co-founded Beyond the Chalk to provide learning opportunities and support for teachers and schools looking to leverage technology to enhance their practices.

    Grades: 13+