Inside the Classroom | English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Kari Hake: Kindergarten | ELA

    See kindergarten excitement in Mrs. Hake’s classroom. Learn how she teaches letters, sounds, and sight words while her students practice three big things: speaking & listening, reading, and writing.

    Grades: PreK-1,13+
  • Kristina Dobberstein: 1st Grade | ELA

    Watch first grade in action. Learn from Mrs. Dobberstein to nurture basic reading and student skills using narratives, opinions, and factual texts. 

    Grades: K-2,13+
  • Roni Becht | 2nd Grade | ELA

    Learn ways to foster your second grader’s independence with reading and writing tools from Mrs. Becht’s classroom. See how to empower second graders as authors of informational, opinion, and creative narrative texts.

    Grades: 1-3,13+
  • Nicole Yoakem: 3rd Grade | ELA

    Be inspired by Mrs. Yoakem’s explanation of third grade reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Understand how to promote successful skill-building and how to help kids enjoy the year’s journey.


    Grades: 2-4,13+
  • Alesha Trudell: 4th Grade | ELA

    Experience the fourth grade reading transformation with powerful insights from Mrs. Trudell. Discover how fourth graders make independent reading choices, the types of books they enjoy, and how technology enhances classroom lessons.


    Grades: 3-5,13+
  • Maya Marlow: 5th Grade | ELA

    Be prepared for fifth grade with tips from Mrs. Marlowe. Learn how fifth grade is different today and the important role a parent can play as a daily learning partner. 

    Grades: 4-6,13+
  • Noah Waspe: 6th Grade | ELA

    Go beyond the books in sixth grade. Hear Mr. Waspe explain the new focus on original writing skills that include narrative, argument and informational writing, plus important keys to success in independent writing.

    Grades: 5-7,13+
  • Rashaun James: 7th Grade | ELA

    Dive deeper with seventh grade language arts. Get a powerful perspective from Mrs. James about the more rigorous seventh grade requirements, including the push for informational text, siting evidence from text and building reading stamina.  

    Grades: 6-8,13+
  • Bernetta Snell: 8th Grade | ELA

    Master the requirements of eighth grade language arts from Mrs. Snell. Learn about reading skills eighth graders need and the practical ways parents can create teachable moments at home.

    Grades: 7-9,13+