Inside the Classroom | Mathematics

  • Lindsey Young: 4th Grade | Math

    Peek inside a fourth grade math class with Ms. Young and her students. This encouraging video demonstrates math-thinking models and fractions-made-easy.

    Grades: 3-5,13+
  • Jeremy Prater: 5th Grade | Math

    See why Mr. Prater says “math is always fun” and “fifth grade math is great!” Watch and learn how kids tackle division, decimals, fractions, and the place value system.

    Grades: 4-6,13+
  • Tara Gullett & Beth Hensley: 6th Grade | Math

    Get real-world advice from the sixth grade math dynamic teaching duo, Tara Gullett and Beth Hensley. Watch students use multiplication and division to learn ratios, rates and proportions.

    Grades: 5-7,13+
  • Jim Mamer: 7th Grade | Math

    See math made fun with seventh grade math expert Jim Mamer. Watch math strategies that help kids conquer new topics like rational numbers, expressions, and linear equations.

    Grades: 6-8,13+
  • Maria Leiss: 8th Grade | Math

    Step inside Maria Leiss’ eighth grade math class. Get up close and personal with real-life approaches to pre-high school topics like linear equations, functions, and graphs.

    Grades: 7-9,13+