Huey Long

Huey Long (1986) is a complex and comprehensive portrait of a governor and U.S. Senator who built his career on a platform of social reform and justice — all the while employing graft and corruption to get what he wanted.

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    View images of Huey Long, Ken Burns and the filmmakers who worked on creating the autobiographical series. Huey Long (1893-1935) was a skilled lawyer and American politician, elected as governor and then senator of the state of Louisiana. Long was a charismatic, populist hero of the people, who spoke passionately for social reform and wealth redistribution. He called himself, “The Kingfish.” He was power-hungry, corrupt, had a penchant for demagoguery, and a reputation for being a dictator. He was nearly impeached as governor, and was the inspiration behind the character of Willie Stark in Robert Penn Warren’s novel, All The King’s Men. Long was assassinated when he was 42 years old. 

    Grades: 6-12