The Shakers

The Shakers (1984) is a portrait of the American movement that formed around the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing – called the Shakers. The Shakers constitute the most enduring religious experiment in American history.

  • Images of Shaker Life | Ken Burns: The Shakers


    The Shakers are a Christian religious sect that was founded in England by a woman named Anne Lee who believed the Christ communicated to her directly through visions. Lee came to America with fellow pilgrims in 1774 and spread her religion. In 1840, the Shakers numbers more than 6,000 followers across communities in New England, Ohio, and Kentucky. Their communities emphasized equality, celibacy, and communal work and they are known for their simple life, furniture, crafts, and villages. The sect has only a few followers left today. View images of Shaker clothing, dance, villages, and furniture.

    Grades: 6-12