Learning Adventures

Each school year, Alabama Public Television's IQ Learning Network produces one or more Learning Adventures. These webcasts are live streamed and feature interactivity at specific, scheduled times. Explore these archived videos of previous field trips where APT's student reporters interview experts to learn all about different subjects. View episodes in entirety, or browse clips of these Learning Adventures to create your own lesson plan.

Visit aptiq.org to learn more about upcoming Live Learning Adventures! Participation is FREE and open to all who wish to take a field trip without ever leaving the classroom!

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    FBI: Inside the Crime Lab

    FBI: Inside the Crime Lab offers middle school children a behind-the-scenes look at the greatest crime laboratory in the world—the FBI’s Crime Laboratory. The Learning Adventure explores the methods used by professionals at the lab to solve crimes. It also explores the academic preparation and work experience in STEM that led these professionals to FBI careers, with the intent of encouraging students to focus on STEM in their studies and to seek out STEM careers.

    Grades: 5-8
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    Vietnam Veterans Memorial: An Alabama Bicentennial

    Students come face-to-face with the Vietnam War when they meet veterans and visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. The war is revealed through compelling stories grounded in the personal experiences of Alabama veterans and others who were touched by the Vietnam War. Student reporters conduct interviews, experience a virtual draft, visit the Memorial with a veteran, and consider the lasting effects of the war.

    Grades: 6-12