Literacy Central

The information and resources in Literacy Central are designed to provide, in one location, guidance to educators on the development, implementation and monitoring of literacy plans. The information is organized by the Essential Elements of Literacy Program Effectiveness Review for Kentucky Schools (Literacy PERKS); these Elements are: Literacy Team & Plan, Aligned Curriculum, Instruction & Interventions, Professional Learning, Multiple Assessments, Literate Environment, Partnerships

Within the website, educators can find planning guidance, videos, professional learning modules with facilitators’ guides, information organized by age/grade spans, and other resources for teachers to use in planning for meeting students’ learning needs. If you have questions/comments about any of the resources, you can click here to submit an inquiry.

  • Visual Supports

    Click on the image to review a fact sheet for teaching individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Visual supports are tools that are used to increase the understanding of language, environmental expectations, and to provide structure and support for individuals with ASD.

    Grades: 4-8, 13+
  • Think Aloud

    In this video, viewers observe how an intermediate teacher leads students through a think aloud strategy to help students understand sequencing in a text. The class works through a short story that involves multiple steps, and the teacher helps the students go from the beginning to the end of the story using sequencing to see how the main character achieved her goal.

    Grades: 13+
  • Procedures for Measuring Oral Reading Fluency

    This resource for teachers features step-by-step instructions on measuring oral fluency in students.

    Grades: 13+