Marine Science

Take a deep dive into marine science with this new collection page, bringing together content from new documentary series, trustworthy research organizations nationwide, and classic PBS favorites.

  • Ocean Species Respond to Climate Change: Stephen Palumbi Lecture | HHMI BioInteractive

    In this lecture, explore how climate change is affecting our oceans, and how ocean species are responding.

    Some ocean organisms, like coral, have shown the ability to better adapt to climate change. Adaptations seen in the coral reefs off of Ofu Island in American Samoa may hold some solutions to protecting the future of our oceans.

    Grades: 9, 11-12
  • Making Big Waves

    Waves can come from many different types of sources, yet they all have very similar physical properties.  In this video from QUEST, learn about the origins and the power of Big Waves along the Northern California Coast.

    Grades: 9-12