Marine Explorer

  • Marine Explorer

    Dive into this interactive video player and explore three ecosystems off the coast of Monterey Bay, California. Take a trip to the rocky coastline, the deep sea, and the open Pacific ocean and explore videos to broaden your understanding of marine biomes. Investigate the animals, habitats, research, and human impacts of different marine worlds.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Modeling Marine Food Webs and Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems | Lesson Plan

    Develop food webs and investigate human impacts on marine ecosystems using the videos and imagery provided in this two-part lesson from PBS LearningMedia.

    Grades: 5-8, 13+
  • Diversity and Adaptations in Marine Habitats | Lesson Plan

    Investigate adaptations of animals that live in two different ocean habitats using the videos, imagery, and creature profiles provided in this lesson from PBS LearningMedia.

    Grades: 2-5
  • Designing Solutions to the Marine Debris Problem | Lesson Plan

    Learn about the growing marine debris problem threatening our ocean through short videos and research in this lesson from PBS LearningMedia.

    Grades: 9-13+