Explore a trove of classroom activities to support the fourth grade Montana Standards for Social Studies and Helena District Schools Social Studies Curriculum Standards. Each themed unit includes multiple activities integrating video as well as primary sources such as documents, photos, and letters; that help bring the history and culture of the “Big Sky Country” alive for learners.

Five animated videos about Montana history, geography, economy, government, and culture are featured in the collection and supported with activities. Many activities include answer keys and other time-saving resources for teachers, as well as suggested options for creative activities and advanced work for learners of multiple abilities.

  • Great States | Montana

    Montana, named for its more than ninety mountain ranges, is a symbol of the untamed West, rich in history and land. Learn about the Lewis and Clark Expedition that spent 173 days here, and the events that led to Montana becoming an official US territory in 1864. Discover Montana in the past, present, and make predictions about its future as you discover what makes Montana a unique and beautiful place to be.

    Grades: 3-5