More and Better Learning

  • Promoting Summer Learning

    Learn how the Horizons National network promotes summer learning in this video from American Graduate Day 2014. “Summer Slide” describes the loss of reading and math skills that often happens during the summer months when school is out. This phenomenon disproportionally affects low income children. The Horizons program combats summer slide by providing students with academic practice, physical activities, and enrichment activities. Use the “Summer Learning Guide” in the Support Materials to help turn everyday activities into learning activities that keep academic skills sharp outside of school.

    Grades: 13+
  • Using Inspiring Middle School Literacy in Afterschool Programs

    This self-paced lesson designed for professionals in afterschool programs introduces the student lessons in the Inspiring Middle School Literacy Collection and shows how they can be used to support struggling readers and engage all students in online, content-based lessons. While the student lessons are designed for students to work independently and at their own pace, the teacher or facilitator plays an important role in ensuring maximum student learning and engagement. This professional development lesson gets you started by describing the steps of using the student lessons in an afterschool program, including selecting a lesson, preparing before a lesson, assessing the lesson, and expanding the lesson in creative ways.

    Grades: 5-8
  • Programs | Reading Rockets: Topics A to Z

    Afterschool and community programs can offer kids opportunities to develop their interests and skills in a more relaxed environment. Learn more about what makes a high-quality program and how organizations including family literacy programs, tutoring programs, and other community-based efforts can support reading and literacy.

    Grades: K-4, 13+
  • Girls Explore IT Careers | Inside ITEST

    BuildIT capitalizes on girls’ inherent interest in design and communication technologies, engaging girls in hands-on, collaborative, real-world experiences as they progress through 3 stages – Apprentice, Journeygirl, and Specialist. Here we see girls at the Specialist stage tackling game design challenges, their level of engagement invigorated by accountability to a “client”.

    Grades: 6-8, 13+
  • Girls Rock Science | Classroom Close-Up, NJ

    The Girls Rock Science after school program at Hurden Looker School in Hillside, NJ empowers 3rd and 4th grade girls to explore science through hands-on experimentation. A group of female teachers were inspired to start this club after attending the Merck Institute for Science Education Leadership Program one summer. The goals of this enrichment program are to foster scientific curiosity and boost girls' confidence. In this episode, observe the group members completing an activity in which they use playdough to visualize the relative sizes of planets.

    Grades: 13+