MREDI 2018 Collection

The agriculture sector is one of Montana’s top economic sectors, producing roughly $2.5 billion annually, according to USDA records. The Montana Research Economic Development Initiative (MREDI) aims to increase economic activity of Montana through research on agriculture. The MREDI team consists of agro-economists, plant and agriculture scientists from Montana State University and University of Montana, and farmers across the state.Their research focuses on how to maximize farmland production without depleting the soil’s nutrients year after year.

  • MREDI Crop Yield

    How can a farmer increase the annual yield of a field without unduly stressing that field or overusing herbicides, water, and other resources? Explore the technique of "annual cropping" in this LearningMedia lesson. Scientists at Montana State University have been investigating the feasibility of annual cropping with pulses and other nitrogen-fixing, low water-use crops for formerly fallow fields. See if your students can put their math skills to the test as they "plant" their own fields!

    Grades: 9-12