Park Literature and History

  • Tales of Gorongosa (e-Book)

    This downloadable book contains twelve stories from the local people from the Gorongosa region of Mozambique. These poems, stories, and songs help show the connections between the indigenous people of the region with the wildlife and history of the Park.

    Grades: 4-12
  • Discover Gorongosa National Park

    Meet Park Warden Mateus Mutemba and hear what drives him to work in Gorongosa National Park. From the research of biodiversity and wildlife management, to leading outreach in local communities, the current rebuilding of Gorongosa is of the upmost importance to local Mozambicans.

    Grades: 6-12
  • A Window on Eternity (Excerpt), by Edward O. Wilson | Gorongosa National Park

    Read some of acclaimed biologist Edward O. Wilson's accounts of organisms and ecosystems teetering on extinction, in this excerpt from his book, A Window on Eternity: A Biologist's Walk Through Gorongosa National Park. Learn about the cascade that many ecosystems can suffer with the loss of a single species, however seemingly small or insignificant. Many types of symbiosis in the animal kingdom go unseen or misunderstood until it's too late.

    To learn more about the book, click here.

    Grades: 9-12
  • Gorongosa: Restoring Mozambique’s National Treasure (Article) | HHMI BioInteractive

    This article by Gorongosa National Project staff explains the project’s history, mission, and future goals.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Gorongosa Interactive Map | HHMI BioInteractive

    This interactive map of Gorongosa National Park allows users to explore different features of the park, including key components of the conservation strategy. 

    Click here to explore the interactive on the HHMI website.

    Grades: 6-12
  • Gorongosa Timeline | HHMI BioInteractive

    A highly visual interactive timeline for exploring the history of Gorongosa National Park, from its beginnings as a hunting reserve and decline in the wake of a civil war, to its return to being one of the world’s foremost wildlife treasures and case studies in conservation biology.

    Click here to explore the interactive on the HHMI website.

    Grades: 6-12