PBS In The Classroom Webinars

  • Recounting America's Greatest Stories: A Conversation With Ken Burns | Webinar

    Master storyteller and filmmaker, Ken Burns, has created works that have explored the people, places and events that have shaped America's complicated history. But what makes for a great story and how can we ensure that these stories have relevance in decades to come? During this hour, Mr. Burns shares an inside look at how he captured the significance of the American Civil War through filmmaking and storytelling. Students will learn about the events that led to the Civil War and gain insight into how similar factors lead to current conflicts throughout the world. Uncover the lessons that can be learned from history as PBS LearningMedia and Ken Burns commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of THE CIVIL WAR.

    (Recorded on September 15, 2015)

    Grades: 6-12
  • Digital Resources to Explore the Deep Blue Depths | Webinar

    Leave your scuba gear behind and join PBS LearningMedia for a deep dive into free digital resources that explore marine ecology and conservation. You will get a firsthand look at an exclusive collection of videos, interactives, and lesson plans that were created in conjunction with PBS' hit fall series BIG BLUE LIVE. During the hour, you will learn about the spectacular array of marine animals that inhabit Monterey Bay and how the once endangered ecosystem of the bay has become a thriving aquatic habitat. Educators will offer insight into the themes explored in the digital collection and ideas for how these engaging resources can be incorporated into your lessons.

    (Recorded on November 23, 2015)


    Grades: 13+
  • Latino Americans: a Webinar

    The PBS LearningMedia collection, Latino Americans, provides a rich array of bilingual lesson plans, activities, videos, and other classroom resources for grades 4-13+. Join Antonio Gomez, Education Director at KCTS, to find out how you can use these engaging, CCSS-aligned resources to enhance your next social studies lesson.

    Grades: 4-13+