PBS LearningMedia Webinars

PBS LearningMedia hosts virtual events and webinars throughout the year designed to help you integrate digital media and technology into your classrooms. Dive in to a collection that allows you to catch up on our latest webinars throughout the year and gives you quick and easy way to pick up tips and strategies from experts in the field.

  • PBS LearningMedia Class Rostering Webinar

    Explore the free tools available on PBS LearningMedia, including the new class rostering tool that allows you to easily keep track of students' progress and completion of assignments. During this webinar, our team will provide training on how you can take full advantage of class rostering and other advanced tools that will bring lessons to life for your students!

    Grades: 13+
  • Climate Conversations: Building a Unit with PBS LearningMedia Webinar

    Using classroom resources, PBS Digital Innovators will guide educators through the process of building a comprehensive unit using PBS LearningMedia. Our experienced educators will discuss how to bring age-appropriate climate science to any classroom, sharing tips and insights from their own classrooms. 

     Attendees will learn how to use many of PBS LearningMedia’s tools including: Standards-Aligned Search, Lesson Builder, Quiz Maker, Storyboards, Quick Assign, and Class Rosters. Attendees will have the ability to share their own experiences, ask questions, and collaborate across grades and subject areas. 

    Grades: 13+