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The Peg + Cat on-air series and online resources provide many opportunities for educators to introduce or reinforce early math concepts.

In each 11-minute on-air episode of this animated, math-based series for 3-8 year olds, Peg and Cat find themselves thrust into the middle of a wacky word problem. This problem isn’t just an academic exercise for them—it’s a messy, funny, real-life crisis they have to solve to get out of trouble.

Peg and Cat grapple with all kinds of loopy obstacles under intense time pressure. They write out diagrams and charts on the graph paper that comprises their background. They interact with one another in their own quirky, comical way. And somehow, they always find a way to solve the math problem and save the day.

The resources in this collection help you explore the concepts introduced in Peg + Cat with activity ideas, video clips, and online games. Use these resources to help your students explore real-life situations involving math that they’ll be thrilled and entertained by.