Physics Girl

Discover the immersive, perplexing, and hands-on side of physical science with Dianna Cowern, host of Physics Girl. In this series from PBS Digital Studios, Dianna shows us how the physical world works by using everyday experiments and questions to demonstrate basic (and sometimes, dangerously complex) scientific ideas.

  • Physics Chapter 01, Lesson 01 - Physics Metrics

    Mechanics, fundamental quantities of mechanics, conversion facts

    Grades: 9-13+
  • Circus | Physics: Projectile Motion

    Jugglers know that if you throw a ball, a bean bag, or a pin into the air, it will follow a curved path. This curve is what naturally happens when an object can move in two dimensions—horizontal and vertical—at the same time. As the ball moves horizontally, gravity pulls down. Physicists call this projectile motion. In this unit, students will learn why any projectile, no matter if thrown, shot, or launched, will follow a curved path while in the air.

    Grades: 9-12