GTK: Pre-Kindergarten

  • Zero The Hero

    Faster than a speeding bullet, amounting to nothing... iiiitttt'sss Zero the Hero!!! When learning to count, you must never forget about zero. He is a very important number.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Magic Math Fingers

    THESE are Magic Math Fingers! Your child reads from left to right. It's important that they count left to right too! Let's count one at a time with our magic math fingers!

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Concept of Number

    The most important topic your child learns in Pre-K is developing the concept of a number. Help your child understand that number words refer to quantity.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • How to Use a Rekenrek

    Meet the rekenrek! Your child will use a rekenrek at school. You might recognize a rekenrek as a small abacus.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • How to Make a Rekenrek

    Having a rekenrek at home will help your child learn outside of school. Luckily, a rekenrek is simple to make!

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Adding To and Taking From

    How do you talk about adding and subtracting with a 4-year old? Use simple language and real-life situations! Addition is adding to. Subtraction is taking from.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Going on a Shape Hunt

    Go on a shape hunt at home or at the store! There are lots of ways to practice identifying shapes with your child.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Describing with Relative Positions

    Welcome to the farm! There are lots of animals on the farm. They can help us to learn about relative positions. Relative positions are words that describe where objects are in an environment. For example: top, behind, or next to.

    Grades: PreK-K

Contributor: Broome-Tioga BOCES
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