Ready Jet Go!

Join Jet Propulsion and his Earthling friends Sean and Sydney as they explore the vast reaches of the solar system!

Ready Jet Go! is a series aimed at PreK-3 students and covers topics in Earth science and astronomy. In this collection, students will watch fun, educational video clips about the planet Earth as well as the eight major planets in our solar system and their distinguishing characteristics. Additional themes like space technology and physical science are also addressed in this collection.

With Ready Jet Go!, your students will engage in and develop a love of learning in all things related to planet Earth and beyond. Excelsior!

  • Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites | Ready Jet Go!

    What are the differences between asteroids, meteors, and meteorites? In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet and the gang travel through the breathtaking Asteroid Belt (with the help of Mrs. Propulsion!). Sean learns that not all asteroids stay in the Belt, and that some actually make their way to Earth. Most of them burn up in the Earth's atmosphere and turn into meteors in the sky. Pretty!

    Grades: PreK-3
  • Earth's Layer | Ready Jet Go!

    What does an ordinary cake and the planet Earth have in common? Both are made up of layers! In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet learns about Earth's four distinct layers and their characteristics: the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • Rovers and Solar Power | Ready Jet Go!

    Did you know that Jet is fluent in "beep"? In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet uses his amazing translation skills for a rover named Beep. He and his friends discover that Beep has a twin sister rover on Mars named Boop, and that both of them use solar panels to gain energy from the sun.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • The Gravity Song | Ready Jet Go!

    In this fun song and dance from Ready Jet Go!, Jet and the rest of the gang learn about gravity and how it's the force holding us down to Earth.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • The Moon and Its Shapes | Ready Jet Go!

    Why does the moon look different sometimes? In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet and his friends and parents take a fantastic journey to the Earth's moon. They discover that the moon doesn't actually change shapes -- it's all a matter of perspective! From Earth, the moon will appear to have different shapes depending on where it is in the Earth's orbit.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • The Rings of Saturn | Ready Jet Go!

    Put a ring on it! In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet and the rest of the gang try to figure out what Saturn's rings are made of and how they stay close to Saturn without falling off. Jet's mom Celery then lands the spaceship on one of rings, where the friends find out that the ring is not made of rock, but of mostly ice.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • The Solar System Song | Ready Jet Go!

    In this very musical clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet breaks into a song about the eight planets in our solar system.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • What is a Constellation? | Ready Jet Go!

    Hey, who put that lion in the sky? In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Mindy asks Dr. Rafferty to help her find a star in the sky. Dr. Rafferty uses the constellation Leo as a tool in her search. A constellation is a series of stars that form a picture in the sky. Astronomers use it today to help pinpoint the locations of other stars.

    Grades: PreK-3