Salsa: Spanish for Children

It's all in the mix! SALSA blends puppets, animation, live action and music to create a unique experience for first-time learners of Spanish language and culture. SALSA spices up learning by creating a visually exciting production, complete with funny characters that children can enjoy, in situations they can quickly recognize and understand. SALSA also portrays the rich variety and heritage of Hispanic culture. Children thrill to the traditional music, colorful attire and social customs that make up SALSA.

  • Episode 101: Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Salsa

    The Three Bears (Los tres osos) decide to go for a walk because the soup they have prepared for dinner is too hot. Finding the bears away, Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro, played by Niña) explores their home with great curiosity until she accidentally breaks Baby Bear's (Bebé Oso) chair. The bears return to discover not only a surprise guest snuggled in Baby Bear's bed, but also the badly damaged chair. 

    Words: hola, hasta luego, uno, dos, tres, grande, pequeño (hello, goodbye, one, two, three, large, small)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 102: Making Soup | Salsa

    Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro, played by Niña) returns to the home of The Three Bears (Los tres osos) to redeem herself by making soup. But first she leaves to find her friend, Little Rat (Ratoncito), to help her. Once again the soup turns out to be too hot to eat and the entire group goes for a walk-all except Salsa, who enjoys the soup on his own. 

    Words: caliente, frío/fría (hot, cold)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 103: The New Chair | Salsa

    Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro, played by Niña), Little Rat (Ratoncito) and The Three Bears (Los tres osos) set about fixing Baby Bear's (Bebé Oso) broken chair. After it is mended, they decide to touch it up with a new coat of paint. The group carefully considers the colors red and green, but the color blue wins the day. To everyone's dismay, Little Rat rocks in the new chair and breaks it again! 

    Words: rojo/roja, verde, azul (red, green, blue)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 104: Hide and Seek | Salsa

    Baby Bear (Bebé Oso) decides to play a game of hide and seek with his new friends-Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro, played by Niña), Little Rat (Ratoncito) and Salsa. After everyone hides, Baby Bear searches high and low, atop beds and underneath tables, interrupting Papa Bear's (Papá Oso) sleep in the process. Once Little Rat and Goldilocks have turned up, everyone looks for Salsa, who they find in a green bowl – where he's enthusiastically playing maracas. 

    Words: rojo/roja, verde, azul (red, green, blue)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 105: The Birthday Party | Salsa

    Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro, played by Niña) and Little Rat (Ratoncito) join The Three Bears (Los tres osos) to celebrate Baby Bear's (Bebé Oso) fifth birthday in a festive, traditional manner. During the party preparations, Baby Bear reveals that he wants a puppy. After breaking open a piñata and blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, Baby Bear begins opening gifts. He receives a banana, an apple, a soccer ball, a wooden train, a yellow shirt and, finally-a puppy! 

    Words: amarillo/amarilla, gracias (yellow, "thank you")

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 106: Too Many Cooks | Salsa

    The Girl (Niña) and the Dog (Perro) find that too many cooks spoil the broth-or, in this case, the hot chocolate. While watching a cooking show on television, the two decide to make hot chocolate. After the pair leave the kitchen to let their concoction simmer, Little Rat (Ratoncito) and other characters drop by to add some unconventional ingredients to the recipe, including a tennis shoe. 

    Words: el chocolate, la manzana (chocolate, apple)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 107: Little Red Riding Hood | Salsa

    Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja, played by Niña) meets the Wolf (el Lobo) on the way to Grandmother's (la Abuela) house. After seeing that she is bearing many treats, the Wolf hatches a plan to steal them that leads to taking both Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother prisoner. Lucky for them, Salsa witnesses everything and tells a policeman, who saves the day. 

    Words: me gusta, la abuela ("I like" or "I like it"), abuela (grandmother)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 108: Disguises | Salsa

    The Wolf (el Lobo) takes on different disguises in his relentless quest for food. He pretends to be a chocolate salesman, a singer and, finally, a maid. Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja, played by Niña) and Grandmother (la Abuela) take pity on the poor Wolf and offer him a banana and some flowers, but the flowers make him sneeze. 

    Words: los dientes, los ojos (teeth, eyes)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 109: Manners | Salsa

    Still not satisfied, the Wolf (el Lobo) tries one more disguise in an effort to get food. Grandmother (la Abuela) allows the Wolf to enter dressed as an old man. Even though everyone can plainly see it's the Wolf, they decide to play along with his charade in order to teach him to say "please" and "thank you." When he's finally allowed to eat, the Wolf makes himself ill by devouring everything in sight. Bloated and queasy, the Wolf is carried away on a stretcher. 

    Words: las manos, por favor (hands, "please")

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 110: Gutbusters | Salsa

    Grandmother (la Abuela) puts the Wolf (el Lobo) on a diet and exercise program after discovering how much weight he has gained. First he proves to be a poor runner, complaining of fatigue and aching feet. Then the Wolf finds himself frustrated when Grandmother serves Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja, played by Niña) a larger portion of food. Finally, Grandmother shows the Wolf how to lift weights and even gets him hopping through her aerobics class. 

    Words: la cabeza, la nariz (head, nose)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 111: Little Blue Riding Hood | Salsa

    Baby Bear (Bebé Oso) and Little Rat (Ratoncito) have fun making up their own version of Little Red Riding Hood. In their story, Little Blue Riding Hood (Caperucita Azul, played by Niña) is skipping through the forest with a puppy, as well as a basket containing a hamburger and french fries. She encounters the Wolf (el Lobo), who rushes ahead and ties up Grandmother (la Abuela) before she can arrive. Meanwhile, Little Blue Riding Hood runs into some bees, who chase her to Grandmother's house. Eventually, the persistent bees chase all of the characters back to the playroom.  

    Words: los dientes, me gusta (teeth, "I like" or "I like it")

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 112: The Wolf's Share | Salsa

    Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja, played by Niña) and the Wolf (el Lobo) become friends by learning to share and solve problems together. Grandmother (la Abuela) has prepared a basket of goodies to send along with Little Red Riding Hood on her way home. Along the way she meets the Wolf, who also has food. Because they both want what the other has, they decide to negotiate a fair trade of food items. Sharing makes them realize they are actually friends and inspires them both to break into song. 

    Words: los amigos, las papas fritas (friends, french fries)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 113: Three Clever Goats | Salsa

    The Three Goats (Los tres chivos) wish to go to a pizza restaurant located on the other side of a bridge. The problem is, the bridge is home to the Monster (el Monstruo), who doesn't wish to let them pass. The Monster first encounters Little Goat (Chivo Pequeño), who tells him to wait for Medium Goat (Chivo Mediano), who is much bigger and more worthy of his attention. The Monster allows him to pass. Medium Goat informs the Monster that a still bigger goat is on the way, which wins him passage. Finally, Big Goat (Chivo Grande) arrives and the Monster proves to be no match for him. 

    Words: los ojos, el monstruo (eyes, monster)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 114: Special Delivery | Salsa

    Once again, The Three Goats (Los tres chivos) want pizza. This time they decide to call for a delivery. The Pizza Girl (la Niña de la Pizzería, played by Niña) takes their order. On her way to deliver the pizzas, the Pizza Girl encounters the Monster (el Monstruo), who tries to frighten her before noticing her purple hair, which frightens him! The Pizza Girl arrives at The Three Goats' home to discover she has delivered the wrong order. Returning, she runs into the Monster again, who falls into a creek due to his fear of all things purple. 

    Words: el queso, el tomate (cheese, tomato)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 115: Quiz Show | Salsa

    The Three Bears (Los tres osos) compete against The Three Goats (Los tres chivos) in the "¿Qué es" game show, hosted by the Monster (el Monstruo). Asking the question, "What is it?" the show presents items for contestants to identify. The Three Goats win the contest and a toy car by correctly identifying the color green, but they end up envying The Three Bears, who have taken home the runner-up prize of a large pizza. Back at the playroom, a trade is arranged and everyone celebrates! 

    Words: el carro, morado/morada (car, purple)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 116: Monster Mayhem | Salsa

    More pizza has arrived for The Three Goats (Los tres chivos). Finding it too hot to eat, they accidentally leave it out for the Monster (el Monstruo) to eat. After enjoying the pizza, the Monster sees a purple toy car and a purple house made of blocks. He becomes very frightened, breaking the car and knocking over the house before running into a fence. The Three Goats confront the Monster, who decides to conquer his fear by fixing their toys. Still not satisfied, The Three Goats persuade the Monster to order more pizza. 

    Words: morado/morada, las orejas (purple, ears)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 117: Happy Birthday, Monster! | Salsa

    Misunderstandings threaten to ruin the Monster's (el Monstruo) birthday. The Girl (Niña), Salsa and the Chef (Chef Loco) are busy making a cake for the Monster when he drops into the pizza parlor for a visit. Not wishing to spoil the surprise, they quickly disappear. Next he pays a visit to Baby Bear (Bebé Oso), who, together with Little Rat (Ratoncito), is wrapping a present for the Monster. They, too, quickly disperse. The Monster's spirits improve greatly when all of the characters throw a surprise party for him. 

    Words: contento/contenta, triste (happy, sad)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 118: Highway Robbery | Salsa

    While the Dog sleeps, the characters concoct their own version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. On the Goats' way to get ice cream, the Monster  stops Little Goat and charges him seven tomatoes to cross the bridge. Little Goat comes back with green tomatoes, but the Monster insists on red. When he returns with the correct toll, Little Goat is allowed to pass. Medium Goat approaches and the Monster charges him seven pieces of cheese. Medium Goat brings the cheese and crosses the bridge. Finally, Big Goat arrives and both characters cross the bridge for ice cream. 

    Words: seis, siete (six, seven)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 119: The Little Red Hen | Salsa

    Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja, played by Niña) meets the Wolf (el Lobo) on the way to Grandmother's (la Abuela) house. After seeing that she is bearing many treats, the Wolf hatches a plan to steal them that leads to taking both Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother prisoner. Lucky for them, Salsa witnesses everything and tells a policeman, who saves the day. 

    Words: el gato, cansado/cansada (cat, tired)

    Grades: K-3
  • Episode 120: The Armadillo's Hamburgers | Salsa

    When Baby Bear (Bebé Oso) and the Girl (Niña) find the Dog (Perro) sleeping, they decide to write their own version of The Little Red Hen (la Gallinita Roja). In their version, Armadillo proves to be a frustrating choice for the role of the Little Red Hen by constantly revising the story in progress. Worst of all, he chooses apples, grapes and bananas to top off his hamburgers, rather than tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. When the hamburgers are ready, no one wants to eat them! At least, not until The Three Goats (Los tres chivos) arrive-they'll eat anything.


    Words: hace frío, la hamburguesa ("It's cold," hamburger)

    Grades: K-3