Smithsonian Science Education Center

Explore new resources from the Smithsonian Science Education Center, commited to improving K-12 teaching and learning of science for all students around the globe. 

  • Good Thinking! – an original animated series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center that brings viewers into the classroom of science educator Isabella Reyes as she explores “the science of teaching science”.
  • Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp – a game that teaches students movement and motion concepts while visiting rare animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park (for kindergarten) 
  • Showbiz Safari – a game that teaches students about the diversity of plants and animals in different habitats by casting plants and animals in movies (for grades 1-2) 
  • Bumper Ducks – a game that teaches students what happens when two objects collide and how mass impacts the acceleration of an object by using animated rubber ducks (for grades 6-8)